Island Secrets by Jacqueline Terrill

Island Secrets by Jacqueline Terrill
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Suspense/Mystery/Thriller, Paranormal, Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

In this epic haunting family vacation set in Virginia that effects a couple of lives that will last forever…A golden doubloon lands on Ginger’s feet while walking up the beach of Virginia’s Chincoteagues Island. Ginger and her husband, curious about the medallion, visit a local museum seeking artifacts. A chance encounter with a wharf, a local historian, and a coin collector, brings them to uncover the historical significance of the medallion. But soon enough the couple discovers a trove of secrets about the island since the seventh century. What are the haunting details about the coin that brings back a curse from the mystic sea?

Good vacations comes in all shapes and sizes.

This book was filled with descriptive passages of the people and places in it. Reading it was like watching a film play out in my mind. It was simply that vivid and detailed! That is the sort of writing I always appreciate discovering because of how easy it makes it to picture everything that’s going on, and it made me eager to keep reading until I’d reached the end of the final page.
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There were times when the dialogue felt a little stiff and repetitive to me. Everyone had such similar speaking patterns that I had trouble telling them apart until I reached the point in a sentence that mentioned who was talking now.

The relationship between Ginger and Beau was so warm and happy. One of the coolest parts about it was that this was a couple who had been together for a long time. They obviously still loved and liked each other just as much as they did in the beginning. It’s always nice to have examples of couples who have been together for many years and are still head over heels for each other.

I was surprised by how long it took for the mystery elements of the plot to make their full entrance. While there were hints here and there in the beginning, this honestly read more like a romance novel for the first half of it or so than it did a mystery. It would have been nice for these themes to be given more time to shine.

With that being said, I did enjoy the suspenseful portions of the storyline once they arrived. The slow buildup to them gave me time to put the few clues that were shared early on to good use while I waited for more of them to arrive. It was interesting to see how everything came together in the end, especially when it came to the paranormal side of this subplot.

Island Secrets was a lighthearted romantic mystery that I’d recommend equally to fans of either genre.

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