Island Charms by Sharon McGregor

Island Charms by Sharon McGregor
Publisher: Whimsical Publications
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Short Story (118 pgs)
Heat: Sweet
Rated: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Snapdragon

When Abby receives a plea for help from her old college friend Nikki, she’s inclined to ignore it. Nikki was always a drama queen and besides, how much danger can she be in as she spends her time surrounded by a circle of her ‘nearest and dearest.’

But then Abby finds that’s exactly who Nikki is frightened of. She’s convinced someone is trying to kill her.

Abby has reasons of her own to get away and soon she’s off to a remote private island on Lake of the Woods. Undercurrents abound in the family circle and soon Abby realizes her friend isn’t being fanciful. The danger is real and now it’s headed straight for her.

Sharon McGregor’s new romance Island Charms IS charming: a sense of the charm bounces right into the first page, when Abby (a writer) contends with her freedom-seeking feline, Ajax. She’s a super leading lady and while we readers are waiting for an equally charming man to step into the picture, Abby allows her self to be sidetracked off to help and old friend.

She never expects that helping with a biography might lead toward deadly danger. There seems to be a small flock of folks that might just want Nikki dead…but then again, Nikki is not exactly a reliable source. How much of the threat might be imagined? As Abby begins to investigate, she still doubts how reliable the information from Nikki is.  However, she’s also soon surprised by a chance encounter with a gentleman who just might help her out or maybe come to mean a great deal more…

No spoilers here! Romance does slide in, almost by the side-door, in this charming mystery. And, it is a well-done mystery, make no mistake. Abby sets about investigating quite the cast of characters, but needs to find someone who she can trust, quickly.

Although the plot carries forward at a good pace, much of the main character’s view point is shared in too-explanatory way. Past history (like her college friendship with Nikki) is simply told, and a bit of a bore. However, the essentials of this story – plot and character – are intersting, and make up for the odd slow page here or there.

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