Into the Sunrise by Becky Black

Into the Sunrise by Becky Black
Publisher: Loose ID LLC
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (121 pgs)
Other: F/F
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

On the day her son leaves home, Lorna Friern makes a long-planned escape from her loveless marriage. With one suitcase, her laptop, and a box full of books, she leaves L.A. to drive to a new life in a house she’s inherited in Long Island. On the same day, after Northern Californian wildfires burn down the motel where she lives and the bar where she works, Zoe Bradshaw decides to move on again. Her destination, Las Vegas. Maybe. Or home to her family. Maybe.

The two women meet on the road and when Zoe’s old junker of a car finally gives up the ghost, she accepts the offer to travel with Lorna for a while. perhaps all the way to New York. Lorna wasn’t looking for romance so soon after leaving her marriage, but chance put Zoe in her way and Lorna doesn’t want to leave her behind. Sharing a car and motel room beds, the two women learn each other’s histories and secrets. Only at the end of the journey will they know if they’ve escaped the past, as it makes its last grabs at both of them.

Into the Sunrise was a quick well written read that to me showed two strangers that met at the opportune time in each others lives. After their meeting they threw caution to the wind and took a risk to leave their life behind and start anew. What reader hasn’t thought about packing their belongs and seeing where the road leads them?

The writing was easy to follow, nothing really complex about the story. If you are a reader that likes a story that is pretty simple and straight forward, this perhaps may be a story that you will enjoy. One thing I like is a book without a lot of characters and this was a book that fit that bill. Zoe Bradshaw worked as a bartender until wild fires displaced her motel and job. And you have Lorna, who recently left her husband of 18 years. However, the characters lacked true compassion, especially Lorna. She left her husband but the way she told him and her son Dominic was just really weird and heartless. If was odd she wouldn’t talk to them but made an effort to check her emails, text and social media at every road stop, and still her heart remained cold with each reply, if she replied to them at all.

Zoe was on the road to track her run away love. She tracked her down but then the plot fell flat. It left me with a question of… so, what was the point?  The sex was not as hot as I’d expected and hoped for. The plot lacked real conflict. I would have liked to have read about some adventure since they were traveling across county. Maybe some twist or surprise element that may have roughed the smoothness. I am all for a happy ending and everyone finding love, but stir in some spice along the way to make the ending that much better…give the character some trials and tribulations to endure.

Still, as I stated before the book was a well written, easy read. I like the idea that the women were brave enough to take a chance to step away from a life that wasn’t pleasing to them to see what else life had to offer them. I think we often fear the unknown and hesitate to step out of our comfort zone, but this is a story that gives any reader a chance to live through these two women. For readers that enjoy a book that is a refreshing getaway, where they can live through the lives of the characters, this is one that I think would fit that type reader. Their chance meeting was what they each needed. It seems they drew strength from each other and their personalities together made them stronger. It’s encouraging to see the two strange women building a relationship of trust and getting to know each other.

While this story may not have been my favorite, the author has a real skill in telling a story so I would definitely give another book by this author a try.

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