Infinite Surrender by Gayle Donnelly and Robyn Mackenzie


Infinite Surrender by Gayle Donnelly and Robyn Mackenzie
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (215 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed By Tulip

Shape-shifting Coteri warrior Talon is mad with jealousy at the thought of Chloe, the woman he loves, being with other men. After a sizzling encounter, Talon is stunned to realize she’s only his—has only ever been his. But his family line is tainted and he knows he isn’t good enough for the torturously tempting redhead.

Spurned by the best friend she betrayed and rejected by the man she wants so badly it hurts, Chloe leaves her home with the Coteri to investigate a series of brutal murders that could have sinister implications for them all.

When he learns there’s a traitor in their ranks and Chloe could be in danger, Talon will move heaven and earth to make sure she’s safe—and to make her his, body and soul.

The dynamic writing duo of Gayle Donnelly and Robyn Mackenzie are shaking things up in the paranormal world of shifters. Readers were first introduced to the Coteri, a unique and secretive race of shape-shifters, in the first book, Infinite Betrayal. This second book explores some of the fallout that resulted from all those secrets and betrayals of the first book and features two of the most compelling secondary characters, Chloe and Talon.

Before I get too far into my review, let me first say that I absolutely LOVED this book. The highly emotional story called to me and I was captivated by one character in particular. Chloe was the perfect heroine. At first she appeared to be just another vulnerable woman. But let me tell you, this gal had the strength to hold her own in a story laden with Alpha males. Now, with that being said, there were a couple of characters that disappointed me in this story.

In the previous book, Chloe had been assigned by her King to look after his hybrid daughter, Mina, who had no idea of her heritage. The girls bonded and became like sisters, until the deception was revealed. Eventually Mina was reunited with her father and became mated to Chloe’s brother Matthias. But Mina felt bitter towards her best friend for the betrayal and lashed out at Chloe, saying some terrible things to her. Never mind that Chloe had put her life on hold and left the safety of her home to keep the ungrateful girl safe. Another slap in Chloe’s face came from the man she had loved for years. A misunderstanding caused Talon to verbally attack my gal Chloe at the lowest point in her life. No wonder she decided to leave it all behind and move on with her life somewhere else. If I would have been in her place , I would’ve given them all the one finger salute and moved far – far away.

What can I say about Talon ? He did make a drool worthy hero . True that. Yet, because of the cruel way he treated Chloe I never could connect with him . Jealousy was no excuse for calling her a whore. But it did get me all fired up and wanting to see how his character would be redeemed. He somewhat redeemed himself by the concern he showed about her safety once it was revealed that there was a traitor in their midst. And when he showed his true feelings by finally breaking rank and rushing to save her. But did he have to continually belittle her and undermine her confidence? Despite his Alpha hotness , I still could not find it in myself to forgive him even though Chloe did. It also took him too long to overcome his insecurities and realize that he was worthy of her.

The writers have created one of the most unique shifter series today. The first two stories have been bursting with sexual tension and conflict. But the main conflict within the series stems from the blood feud between the two factions of the Coteri. We have the Coteri who want to keep their existence a secret and co-exist with the humans that surround them. Then there is their nemesis , the Valta, who believe their race to be superior and want to subjugate the humans. The resulting battles between the two warring factions and the spying and treason that run rampant are guaranteed to keep this series going for a long time to come. The writers superb world building and descriptions give their stories a three dimensional presence that is usually found only on the big screen. The characters are vibrant and compelling. The hero’s bring all the Alpha hotness that we’ve come to expect in our shifter stories. But it is the heroines that they have created that really stand out and make this series different than any other. These gals aren’t your usual heroine de jour. They are kick-ass women with attitude. Another good thing about this story, and the series as a whole, are the many exciting characters that have been introduced. I hope that the writers will consider giving each one of them their own story. Starting with Tre and Daniel. I am absolutely DYING to read about Tre finding his own mate.

In case you haven’t guessed yet: I loved this book! It’s a keeper for me and I’m sure to read it many more times. It’s one of those rare ones that grabs you right from the start and doesn’t let go. I was disappointed when the story ended and am looking forward to the next book in the series. For all of my fellow shifter groupies that are looking for something new, something refreshing and unique….you need to grab this book. It’s got an exciting plot that you can sink your teeth into even if you don’t want to jump into the series. As for me…I’m hooked on this series and I’m into it for the long haul. Needless to say this book earned one of my very rare five star ratings and my highest recommendations.

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