Indigo Rain by Taige Crenshaw


Indigo Rain by Taige Crenshaw
Phoenix Intelligence Agency
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (87 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Fuchsia

When the legends of old are told, the life of humanity is tied to a book. And in the book is the resting place of the being that can herald Armageddon or our redemption…

Kalina Erutan does not save anyone. She is usually sent to eliminate the problems. The way she does it is by her own choosing. As an Assassin Agent for the Phoenix Intelligence Agency she lives by a special code of honour. The latest case she takes brings her face to face with her destiny, past and her possible future. Being an Amazonian Warrior she knows what is needed in any battle. Yet this time a wrong decision can mean the end of humanity and all the dimensions beyond.

Ryne Garon is known as the ghost. The most fearsome Assassin Agent until he left and became the co-division head of the tracker unit. His powers as a firebird have saved him and others. Yet when he is faced with the woman who is his destiny he loses all control. No one will stand in his way to claim Kalina Erutan as his own. Not even her aversion to his people. Them being paired together to find the most precious of artifacts that can bring on Armageddon tests all he believes and desires.

There is an Indigo Rain falling, washing the world in fire that will consume them or make them reborn…

Kalina Erutan is an Amazonian Warrior working as an Assassination Agent for the Phoenix Intelligence Agency or PIA. Her main job is to go in and eliminate any problems, she is the best at her job and no one can come close to her except for one man.

Ryne Garon is known as ‘The Ghost’ who is legend among his former colleagues at the Phoenix Intelligence Agency. Only Kalina can come close to his skill which is tested when they are paired together to find and eliminate a threat.

Indigo Rain is the first book in the Phoenix Intelligence Agency series and it was by far one of the best stories to open the series with. The author, Taige Crenshaw, created a world that easily drew me into it and kept me prisoner until the very last page. I loved how the character of Kalina was no shrinking violet; she was strong and sure of her ability. Of course, she was Amazonian and that in itself screams strength and prowess. Ryne was a firebird and he was definitely an alpha male who challenged Kalina who was an alpha female. Their interaction was hot and exciting not just in the bed but outside of it as well. The humor and banter between the characters kept me waiting for more.

I also loved that the other female characters like Allure and her sister Harmony were also alphas, in fact all the female characters in this book were as kick ass as Kalina. These types of characters make for an enjoyable read because you as the reader never have a moment of boredom while immersed in their story. The other thing this reader enjoyed was the fact that Ryne would sit back and let Kalina take control, smiling as she handled any adversary she came up against, but always ready to step in at a moments notice if she was in need of help.

Taige Crenshaw created a paranormal world of Firebirds, Amazons, Seers, Vampires and Shadowers who all worked out of a building located on Wall Street in New York City, which I found amusing because she mixed fantasy with reality. Indigo Rain in my opinion is a must read and I look forward to book two in this series.

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