Indigo Knights 2: Champion by Jet Mykles

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Indigo Knights 2: Champion by Jet Mykles
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (190 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Cactus

Danny Champion is ready to be a rockstar. He’s been preparing for this most of his life. He’ll finally make it with the Knights. He knows it.

It’s a horrible time to fall in love.

But then there’s Cash, Danny’s roommate. A quiet computer nerd without a clue about the music business, Cash can barely understand the world Danny’s so eager to live in. He certainly doesn’t want to share it.

Even though he knows he shouldn’t, Danny’s unable to resist introducing Cash to the wonders of sex. He didn’t expect to get addicted to Cash’s charms.

Love doesn’t always happen when it’s convenient. Danny is just starting the hard work it takes to make his band, Indigo Knights, a huge success. It involves long hours in the studio and a relentless touring schedule. Falling for his computer nerd roommate, Cash, is not on Danny’s busy agenda. That doesn’t seem to matter to Danny’s heart though. What starts as a fun fling soon turns serious for Danny but he has to convince a very reluctant Cash that Danny and his heart are for keeps.

Champion picks up a few months after the first Indigo Knights book, Squire, leaves off. If you’re new to the series or the author, don’t worry. It’s very easy to pick up the threads and enjoy this one on its own. Those familiar with this series and the previous wildly popular Heaven Sent series will definitely enjoy the few cameos from favorite characters. Mykles knows how to write great rockers and here the talents are on display yet again. Cash and Danny are fun together with obvious chemistry and the author definitely doesn’t skimp on the sex scenes, which are plentiful. The story is told from Danny’s perspective and it’s nice to get into the head of the lead singer. His characterization is nicely well rounded with good self awareness. Danny initially doesn’t want to fall in love. He wants to be the rock star that has a ton of groupies and live the life and only later fall in love and settle down. Don’t worry though because there is no infidelity but instead the emotional and mental obstacles Danny goes through are nice to watch and feel very genuine.

On the flip side Cash is much less well defined. He remains a shadowy figure and very one sided. He’s jaded and almost angry without any real depth or explanation for his feelings. The story would have benefited a lot from including some of Cash’s perspective. While I like this couple well enough, they feel flatter and less vibrant than other pairings in the rocker series from Mykles. The cameos from previous characters are wonderful though and I loved each and every one. I also like the set up for the other band members and look forward to reading their true love stories. This combined with the good writing and descriptive quality of the story elevate it from just another fluff story.

Overall, Champion is a good addition to the series and overall rocker books from this author. You can pick it up on its own and enjoy the clean writing, good wit, and hot sex. It makes for an easy and very fast read. Although I didn’t like this particular book as much as previous books, it’s still an easy one to recommend. I think fans will really enjoy it and I personally eagerly look forward to more in the series.

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