Incomplete Sentence by E. E. Kennedy

Incomplete Sentence by E. E. Kennedy
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Mystery/Suspense, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (149 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Dandelion

Winter is ending and business is picking up at Chez Prentice, Amelia’s B&B. All at once, a particularly brutal homicide at a retirement community sparks rumors of the Rasputin Killer, who skipped out on a murder conviction many years ago. When yet another murder hits close to home, Amelia realizes just how vulnerable they all are. With the help of her new friend, the elderly Hugh Channing, she is determined to figure out what’s going on and keep her family safe.

The characters in Incomplete Sentence seem like ordinary people we might know. However, they are faced with a situation that brings fear, mystery, suspense, and disruption into their lives. The prologue gives the reader a heads up on what to expect as the murder mystery develops.

The “who-done-it” elements come early in the story. The local newspaper, with a sagging readership, sensationalizes the possibility of a murderer being in their area. When a murder actually happens, the list of possible suspects grows bigger and bigger as the story unfolds.

However, while there is an undercurrent of the mystery, there is also delightful humor in the story. Amelia Dickensen, an English teacher on hiatus, covertly, and sometimes overtly, corrects grammar errors in ways that bring a smile. Even better is baby Janet’s antics and how she controls the adults that serve her is captivating.

For me, the many characters presented in such a short story distracted from the plot progression at times. Probably if I had read the earlier books in this series I wouldn’t have felt so.

But I loved the connection the ninety-plus-year-old Hugh Channing and Amelia had. It was special. Also, the happily-ever-after for several characters came together beautifully, in a believable and satisfying style.

Ms. Kennedy’s writing style is straight-forward and smooth reading. She does an amazing job of balancing mystery/suspense, daily living events, diverse personalities, and love, both “love thy neighbor” love and romantic love. Incomplete Sentence is an enjoyable, entertaining read.

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