In Sickness and In Health by Sean Michael

In Sickness and In Health by Sean Michael
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (86 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal sex
Rating: 2.5 stars
Reviewed by Cactus

The Jarheads back in a new adventure–a journey through sickness and health with Rock, Rig and Dick, who stand by their man come what may, no matter what they come down with. Colds and flu are no match for the Jarheads, who know that cold medicine’s great in its place, but the one sure cure for what ails them is good old sexual healing.

Even the flu can’t stop these randy boys. Sean Michael’s super popular Jarheads are back in this re-released novella featuring Rock, Rig, and Dick as they screw their way to happiness whether sick or perfectly well. The men are as happy and healthy as ever to start and their sex life has never been better. Then Rock and Dick go down with the flu, leaving Rig with two very grouchy and unhappy ex-marines. Just when they get over the bug, Rig comes down with it himself but the tender mercies of his two men will have Rig fighting for some loving soon enough.

In Sickness and In Health is a re-released story that originally appeared in the Bedside Manner anthology from 2009. I chose it because I have a real soft spot for the Jarheads series and wanted to revisit the trio, but realized when reading the novella that I had read it before. That doesn’t really matter because anyone who’s a fan of the series knows how these stories go. They’re remarkably similar, but any of the shorter stories and novellas are basically all porn with changing configurations of who sucks, who fucks, and who jacks off. The bigger novels actually have a little bit of plot but these shorter stories are entirely sex scenes. In Sickness and In Health is no different.

The story starts and ends with sex and there is little attempt at a plot or storyline. These are just slice of life, or sex, scenes featuring the men with repetitive dialogue and commentary. There are one or two scenes that don’t include sex when the men are sick with the flu and these scenes are kind of why I continue to read the porn heavy Jarheads series. The men are sweet with each other and emotional in a very grunt-orientated way of communicating. There is emotion, but never overly saccharine. The best way to describe these short additions is heartwarming. It’s always nice to see these three men together, although I’m partial to Rock and Rig scenes alone.

Honestly this is not great writing. The scenes are repetitious and the dialogue consists of the same words over and over with a chorus of sex sounds. Surprisingly amongst that little writing there are numerous typos. But really this is classic Sean Michael writing so fans of the author will know what they’re getting. It’s a nice revisit of the Jarhead series and characters because it’s exactly like all the other books with a little bit of emotion and the rest are porn sex scenes. So if you’re in the mood for that, which I was, enjoy it.

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