Immortally Damned by J Morgan

Immortally Damned by J Morgan
Amor Immorati Book Two
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (243 Pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Foxglove

Caern swore to never return to New Orleans, his death warrant making the choice easy. Well, easy until his past returns to smack him around. Now, he has to return to the one place where death isn’t a possibility, it’s a guarantee. And only a matter of time. Searching to find a murderer out to kill the grandchild he never thought to meet, he finds himself falling into a hell he just might not be able to crawl free of. His only hope lies in Detective Eliza Marrone. Falling for her isn’t in the cards, but his heart tells him it might be the only thing he can’t escape. Zombies, old lovers and psychopathic vampire clergy, yeah those are things he can deal with. True love on the other hand is the one thing he’s always avoided. This time there’s no way out. It might get him killed, or end up saving his wretched soul.

New Orleans. The Big Easy. The city that Caern once called home, the place he can never go again if he values his life. And yet, when his former lover, Queen of the Vampires, reaches out, he knows he must answer, against his better judgment.

Half vampire, Caern has fought his nature for two centuries, running Darkside Investigations along with his partner Chase. Now Chase has found his happy ever after, and if the message from Katyarina is any indication, life just got a lot more complicated for Caern. Once, a long time ago, Katyarina and Caern were in love, but when Augustine Dupres, Katyarina’s brother, became the Zombie King, he drove Caern out of New Orleans, and sentenced him to death is he ever returned. Caern was happy to stay away, until the last of his bloodline comes under threat. Luckily, Caern has back up in Raiz, a Russian Were bear and Stephanie, an Amazon of an Elvin warrior to help. Meanwhile, New Orleans is suffering a series of grotesque and horrific murders of nuns, and it becomes Detective Eliza Marrone’s job to find the killer and stop the insanity. What no one knows is that an insane former priest, trying to find Caern’s descendants and destroy them all, links the killings to the search. When Caern discovers the link, and also finds love in the form of one tough and unknowing detective, things go from bad to worse in a hurry. Can Caern and his friends stop the carnage before his family is destroyed? Can Eliza stay sane, once she learns that vampires, shifters and all those things that ‘go bump in the night’ really exist? Will these two star crossed people save each other, and stop the madness once and for all?

Immortally Damned is the long awaited second book in J Morgan’s Amor Immorati series. This is a darker world than Mr. Morgan usually depicts, and it is filled with danger, desire, and yet, there is still that edge of irreverent and delicious humor that any J Morgan book has. The characters here are not the cute and sarcastic vampires and shifters J Morgan does so well, these people are much darker, edgier, and more violent when it is needed. The New Orleans that the author depicts is gritty, dark and filled with beings that scare normal people. I enjoyed my visit, but I was happy to leave it behind once the story was told.

Eliza Marrone is a strong and determined woman, one of the youngest female detectives in the department. When her superior tells her this case is her last chance to keep the job, she is even more determined to solve the murders. When her whole world is turned inside out by the knowledge that vampires, zombies and all those mythical creatures are real, she first thinks she is losing her mind. When she first meets Caern, she thinks he is crazy, because he tells her what he is, and that she has no idea what she is hunting. But I really like Eliza, because even as her world is being torn apart, she is determined to stop the killer, no matter what he is. And I enjoyed watching as she tried, and ultimately failed, to resist her attraction to Caern.

Caern Chevalier is a Dhampyre, half human and half vampire. He is strong, stubborn, and loyal to his friends and those he cares about. Handsome, quiet and darkly sarcastic, he is almost an anti-hero. But his determination to save the last of his descendents from the torture and death stalking her brings out the hero in him. I enjoyed watching as he stepped out of the shadows, and learned to love again. His reactions to Eliza start out as suspicion as she is seen leaving Dupres home, but slowly become admiration of her strength, and finally, a deep and unexpected love.

Mr. Morgan weaves together several threads to create the tapestry of this story, from Caern and Katyarina’s shared past, Dupres’ vendetta against Caern, and the unsolved murders creating chaos in the city. The dialog is sharp, witty and has a dark edge of sarcasm to it. The action is fast and decisive, and the danger is ever present once the trio reaches New Orleans. And just when things seem their darkest, J Morgan tosses in some of his familiar pop culture references to break up the tension, and ease through the tight spots. I got to learn more about Caern, and I really liked learning a bit more about the massive Raiz, the Russian were bear who has a code of honor all his own. This is not a story for the faint of heart, but id you are looking for a hard won happy ever after with some tears and laughs thrown in, this one is just the ticket. I hope Mr. Morgan has more where this one came from.

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