I’ll Call You Alice by Ivy Bateman

I’ll Call You Alice by Ivy Bateman
Publisher: Breathless Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (24 pgs)
Other: M/F, Multiple Partners
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Once upon a time a girl named Val was late for her very important blind date.

After not meeting up with her blind date at a local bistro, Val finds herself dressed up as Alice and attending the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in the woods with three sexy guys. Seeking an adventure, Val dives into the world of fantasy and does what anyone in her situation would do: a foursome!

Val was late, late for a very important blind date. Rushing to the small bistro she discovers things aren’t exactly going how she planned. A strange man in a top hat gives her a cup of tea quite insistently when she’s ordered a coffee, and that begins some very odd adventures. Val – who the man in the top hat insists on calling her Alice – has been …. borrowed… for an event. One she’s not quite certain she wants to attend. Reality and fantasy blur a little, and Val needs to make some important decisions very carefully.

Personally I had to laugh when Val drank her cup of tea. As a huge Alice in Wonderland fan, one thing I know beyond doubt was if I’ve ordered one drink and am given another – with very polite but exceedingly strong orders to drink it – you can’t expect anything sensible to follow such a course! I’d be rather careful of food offered as well, now I think about it. Nevertheless, Val finds herself in the woods sitting at a large table with three men in attendance. She discovers it’s the Mad Hatters tea-party with the white rabbit and mouse. They reminded her that in her dating profile she’d stated that she wanted adventure, and the three men were determined to give her exactly that.

Boy does Val/Alice have a raunchy adventure! While I admit I found the setup a little strange – Val’s easy acceptance of being drugged and taken into the woods for some sexy fun in particular – I can’t deny the story was scorching hot and a definite, fun and adult look at the Alice in Wonderland story. I would have really enjoyed knowing a bit of history of the three men. It seemed a little strange and from left-field that they set the whole situation up, especially not really knowing why or how they came to this point. Possibly I could understand if there was a word limit on the story, this might have been very restrictive, but I do feel a bit more detail and explanation would have made this a far stronger, more well-rounded story and one I could understand far deeper.

The sex is intense and very hot. I’d have enjoyed it if this scene was longer too. While the author does a great job of the sex scene, a second one following on would have been lovely to my mind. I craved more! I also really enjoyed how there was a definite “Happy For Now” ending with one of the men. My strongest recommendation for other readers interested in this story is to sit back with a nice pot of tea, disengage your brain, relax and just enjoy it. Go with it. I certainly had a lot of fun when I did so. Recommended.

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