Igniting the Countess by Lisa Torquary

Igniting the Countess by Lisa Torquary
Publisher: New Concept Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (151 pages)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

Loraine Durant, widowed Countess of Crawford, lives her life for her toddler son, the heir of the late count. But the world seems to go out of its axis when she lays eyes on the new breath-taking footman. She fights arduously the flaming attraction she feels for him, deeming it inappropriate, failing notoriously. With the shadow of scandal looming over her, she had to stay away from him. When she discovers he is much more than a servant, it is too late and he already hates her.

Garth Evans is the bastard son of a Marquis, trying to make his unprivileged way in the world and avoiding trouble with women. Being constantly in the presence of the Countess proves to be a hellish temptation and he can hardly keep his hands off her. After they part, he thinks she is as whimsical and frivolous as any other lady of her rank. Now, he hates her for all she represents. Wrenching passion threatens to break his resolve to keep her at arm’s length, his desire for her about to burst at any moment.

Volatile sexual chemistry between a countess and a footman is not a good idea in early nineteenth century England. To act on it or not to act on it is the driving force in Igniting the Countess.

Loraine, Countess of Crawford, is a widow and the mother of a baby who will one day be the Count of Crawford. She is very circumspect while she stays in society to insure her son’s position in years to come. However, when a new footman comes to work, her body goes haywire longing for something she’d never experienced with her unloving husband.

Garth Evans, the new footman, is the bastard son of Marquis of Warwick. He tries to be strictly business, but he too is beset with an overpowering need to be with the Countess. How the two of them cope with their attraction to each other heats up the pages and keeps the reader turning those pages in haste.

The Dowager Countess, a go-by-the-social-rules hardliner, forces Loraine to make a heart-breaking choice. The footman must be fired and she must continue in the Ton Society where predatory males pursue her for gain and the “ladies” watch her like a hawk looking for a misdeed in her behavior or the consequences would be unthinkable as far as Loraine is concerned.

Garth Evans, well-educated and striving to better his position in life, rages at the unfairness of things, as he wrestles with his emotions and works to prosper. His dismissal without a word from Loraine as to why gives him a “get-even” attitude that changes the tone of the story.

While the theme and characters are pretty much “the usual,” and the love scenes done so often they became a little much, the story is an attention-keeper. Lisa Torquary weaves the story with unique twists and entertains the reader. Her writing style makes for smooth reading, never intruding on the story.

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