If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones

If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones
Publisher: Simon and Schuster (Gallery Books)
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Full Length (340 pgs)
Other: M/F, Light BDSM
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

He is rich and famous, and dark in ways I shouldn’t find intriguing but I do. I so do. I don’t understand why his dark side appeals to me, but the attraction between us is rich with velvety promises of satisfaction. . . .

In the bestselling style of Fifty Shades of Grey, Lisa Renee Jones delivers sexy thrills and heart-pounding sensuality with a tantalizing page-turner in which the eyes of a high school English teacher are opened to a world she never knew existed, and she finds a passionate craving within that she never knew she possessed.

The journal comes to Sara McMillan by chance, when she inherits the key to an abandoned storage locker belonging to a woman named Rebecca. Sara can’t resist peeking at the entries in the journal . . . and she finds a scintillating account of Rebecca’s affair with an unnamed lover, a relationship drenched in ecstasy and wrapped in dark secrets.

Obsessed with discovering Rebecca’s destiny after the entries come to an abrupt end, Sara does more than observe the players in the woman’s life; she immerses herself in the high-stakes art gallery world Rebecca inhabited—and is magnetically drawn to two men. Which one seduced Rebecca with his masterful and commanding touch and brought her fantasies to exquisite life? On a daringly erotic escapade, Sara follows Rebecca’s path to fulfill her own hidden longings. But after she tastes the forbidden pleasures Rebecca savored, will Sara be helpless to escape the same submissive fate?

A storage unit with more secrets than it can handle.

Intrigued? I was. I love the work of Lisa Renee Jones and nabbed this book the moment I saw it on the review list. If I Were You sparkles and shines with snappy writing and an easy style that snagged me from page one. As much as there are breezy parts to the story, there are also some really intense scenes. This mixes up the book nicely and kept me needing to read to find out what would happen next.

Sara is a school teacher who happens upon a diary in a storage locker. I won’t get into the details but the diary is scorching. It intrigues Sara and makes her want to find this man who made Rebecca feel so good and whatever happened to the enigmatic Rebecca. She meets a lot of people along the way, but the one who makes the biggest impact is Chris.

I liked following Sara on her journey and thought about this book long after I closed it. There were times when I wanted to conk someone on the head and times when I couldn’t believe things happened the way they did.

Chris is an interesting character. He could be compared to the hero of a certain other book in the same genre, but it’s not that simple. Yes, he’s damaged. Yes, he’s very protective, but Ms. Jones makes him feel real. I could completely understand why he reacted the way he did and rooted for him to get the girl.

If you want a book that’s hot, sexy and filled with suspense, then this might be the book for you!


  1. Rose Caceres says:

    Great review, I also loved If I Were You!

  2. Great review! I loved this book too. It kept me enthralled from the beginning. I’m looking forward to the second book, Being Me, which comes out in June.

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