Ice Claimed by Marisa Chenery


Ice Claimed by Marisa Chenery
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (82 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Tulip

Finding his mate is something Durlach has longed for, but being in his wolf form at the time throws things off—including his mate, who just happened to be on the back of the horse Durlach spooked. Not a ladies’ man by any means, his challenge is coming up with a plausible way to meet her in his human form and sweep her off her feet.

Meadow is surprised by how tame the wolf is and realizes he must be a domesticated pet. And when his hunky master comes looking for him, she has sexy visions of taming him too. Little does she know the secrets he’s keeping.

As Durlach tries to ease his mate into his world, seducing her bit by bit, the dark wolves take steps to become more of a threat. Not only are werewolves in their line of sight, but so are the mortals who live amongst them.

Marisa Chenery’s exciting Werewolf Sentinels’ series continues with Ice Claimed. Ice Claimed is book # 5 in the series, and it is one I’ve been waiting for.

I’ve been intrigued by Durlach since the series started, and his story was worth waiting for. He’s learned to cook for one thing, so there weren’t as many laughs as I’d anticipated. Durlach is surprised to find his mate is living so close to home. In his Dire wolf form the first time they meet, wily Durlach seizes the opportunity and runs with it.

Meadow is an archaeologist who specializes in ice age Tlingit artifacts. It was almost as if she and Durlach were made for each other. She’s a cowgirl of sorts, and that’s how she and Durlach meet for the first time. Only she doesn’t know it’s him, since he’s in his Dire wolf form. He actually spooks her horse and she gets thrown. Of course, Durlach knows that he has just met his mate, so he lets Meadow think that he’s a wolf hybrid. Later on, when the sexy owner comes looking for his pet, Meadow is attracted.

What I liked about the story: Sexy alpha wolf. You know that’s my #1 priority. Durlach was a hunky hero. He’s an alpha wolf, he can kick butt.

Meadow is a heroine that knows what she wants, and it’s Durlach that she wants. Even though her friend keeps warning her against him.

I love how Ms. Chenery keeps changing things up in this series. In the last book she introduced Ryder, the Sentinels’ new shaman. He’s an intriguing character, and adds an air of mystery to the series. What secrets is he hiding, and how will they affect the Sentinels’ mission? This time she introduces an even more interesting character in Taylor. Without giving anything away, I’m hoping this may lead to a continuation of what has come to be one of my favorite shifter series. Maybe a new series entirely, if Ms. Chenery does what I think she’s going to.

But enough of my speculations, and back to the story at hand. Now for the dirty parts – as always, the love scenes were hot. Meadow and Durlach sure didn’t waste any time getting to the good stuff. That mating urge is hard to resist, and she jumped his bones right there in the kitchen.

I liked how sly Durlach was in wrangling himself a meeting with Meadow. I felt that it played to his wolfish nature. Why? Because wolves are sly and clever creatures. And so was Durlach. I also liked how he wanted to do things with his mate. I enjoyed the scenes where he cooked for her. Another favorite scene was when he went riding with her, even though he’d make a lousy cowboy. It’s the little things that count, and his desire to find something in common with his mate made the story more believable to me.

Ice Claimed wasn’t as intense as the other stories in this series. Meadow was gone for Durlach from the moment she laid eyes on him. The conflict came from Taylor, and his animosity toward Durlach. I liked how the story focused mostly on Durlach and Meadow, and their relationship.

There was also something going on in the background that brings a shift in leadership for the Dark wolves, and a new danger for the Sentinels’. And I have to say that Ms. Chenery definitely keeps this series fresh.

Ice Claimed was a fantastic read. The story went by so fast, and kept my interest from start to finish. Next up: Capac finds his mate in book # 6. I’m looking forward to that one, and hoping that it won’t be the last in this series that I’ve enjoyed so much.

I enjoyed reading this book, and I recommend it to all of my fellow shifter junkies. This is a great series from an author who knows how to keep it fresh.

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