I Spy a Demon by Keta Diablo

I Spy a Demon by Keta Diablo
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Paranormal
Length: Short story (136 pages)
Heat level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

When twins Cecily and Calder Sizemore’s parents are killed in a car accident, they’re adopted by the Frost family—Gus, Mae and their sons, Marcel and Elliott. Over the years, Cecily’s love for Marcel evolves into anything but sisterly.

Cecily always knew something was amiss in the Frost household. Little things belied the calm, peaceful ambiance Mae did her best to portray. Calder tried to warn her things were not as they appeared, but she didn’t want to believe him. When Calder begs her to leave Des Moines, start a new life away from the secrets, away from the Frosts and away from Marcel, she takes his advice and her shattered heart and moves to Minnesota.

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She’ll find out what really happened to her brother, even if it’s her last act in life.

Cecily’s twin brother died, and their adoptive family told her it was in a car accident. So why does Cecily’s gut tell her something is definitely not right? She begins to investigate the truth, and one senses danger lurking around the corner. To complicate things, she and her adoptive brother, Marcel, and have a romantic history. When Cecily returns after two years and sees him again, the chemistry is still there. What is Marcel hiding, and why?

Other mysteries arise, which deepen the earlier ones and drive the suspense. Cecily discovers some disturbing things while doing her detective work, and readers will likely worry about the future of her well-being. She is at times sweet and at other times tough. Marcel is sometimes infuriating and at others irrisistable—and he gets more so as the story unfolds. Marcel seems to be a complicated person with very unpleasant secrets concerning himself. He’s alluring in a physical way, but will Cecily have to stand against him?

A flood of memories and their past comes back and affects the chemistry between them now. This happens amidst great danger. When Cecily discovers what kind of danger, she is deeply concerned but does research to arm herself. In the name of love, she takes grave chances with her life to save another.

The story is filled with passionate feelings of different types, and the characters are memorable. Supernatural thrills amp up the tension. Could there possibly be any hope in such unusual circumstances?

This is an enjoyable story sure to please readers of the genre.


  1. Thanks so much Long and Short Reviews for the kind words and the review. You rock! Hoping you all stay well and safe in these troubled times of ‘corona’.
    My best, ~Keta~

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