I Kiss Girls by Gina Harris

I Kiss Girls by Gina Harris
Publisher: Prizm Books
Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult
Length: Full Length (196 pages)
Age Recommendation: 16+
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Lotus

Joanie’s got all of the problems of an almost seventeen year old girl. She’s trying to get her driver’s license, her mom and dad are pressuring her about going to prom, and she never can seem to make it to the bus on time.

Even worse, Joanie likes girls, not boys, and all of the girls in her hometown are pretty darned straight. Her best friend, Zane, can attest to that, considering that he never has trouble getting a girl, even if he’s not interested in the freshmen who swarm around him. When new girl Kate shows up, needing tutoring in math and chemistry, Joanie figures Zane will get the date, like he always does, and that makes life even more difficult.

Joanie’s in for a surprise, though, because Kate doesn’t fall for her good-looking best friend. In fact, Kate seems to like girls, too, and things get a little scary when Kate asks Joanie out on a date.

Somehow Joanie knows if she says yes to Kate, things will change forever. Can she manage to pass her driving test, get to prom, and come out to her parents the way Kate wants her to? Or will Joanie’s seventeenth birthday be the worst day in history?

Joanie has a secret that only her best friend Zane knows about. She is torn between blurting it out to the world and fearfully keeping it to herself. However, time is running out and she must decide on what to do and how to do it…

Joanie and Zane, who are both juniors in high school, have been best friends for a long time. They know each other very well and spend lots of time together. In fact, Joanie’s parents are under the impression that they are more than best friends and are assuming that they would be going to the prom together despite Joanie’s repeated protests that they are not more than friends.

Joanie is 16 and has a great family with parents and a sister who all love her. She does well in school and has a best friend to hang out with, so she seems to have the perfect life. However, she is afraid of what her family and her classmates’ reactions would be if they found out she is gay. Would she lose them as family and friends?

Kate, a new girl in school, is about to shake things up for Joanie. Not only is she pretty and smart, but she also likes girls. When she asks Joanie out on a date, Joanie begins to worry that even though this is what she has been waiting for, could she handle the consequences if someone found out???

I Kiss Girls is a sweet story that is a bit predictable, but nevertheless satisfying and reassuring for teenagers who are in similar circumstances. While I was reading it, I felt as though it were similar to an episode of my favorite family TV series in which things got resolved neatly, which is not a bad thing since I always want to watch reruns of it.

I Kiss Girls does have a couple of very interesting twists to the story which I really enjoyed. For a great young adult story that has a LGBT theme, be sure check out I Kiss Girls to find out how Joanie figures out how to live her life and be true to herself.

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