Hunting Astrid by Thea Landen

Hunting Astrid by Thea Landen
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: Erotic Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, LGBTQ
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Astrid Carlisle enjoys her job at Satera Industries, the massive interplanetary organization whose enigmatic leader is concerned with profits first and legalities second. Stationed at company headquarters, she can stay out of harm’s way while making good use of her programming skills and keen eye for talent acquisition. Unfortunately, both the busy nature of her work and her office’s remote location leave her feeling dissatisfied with her personal life.

Fresh out of the Central United Space Marines, Tabitha Knox is ready for change, hoping the next stage in her career can take place in the private sector. Employment with Satera Industries would offer her the exciting, fast-paced work she craves, with generous financial compensation to match. All she has to do is get through the rigorous screening process and prove her worth.

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Can love blossom in orbit?

I appreciated the slow burn approach to this tale. It was nice to get to know Astrid and Tabitha so well before anything romantic or sexual began happening between them. All of those scenes also helped to make some pretty convincing arguments about why these two characters would be perfect for each other. They had multiple opportunities to discover just how emotionally compatible they were, and that was exactly the right choice for them.

While I certainly wouldn’t have expected a full chapter on this topic, it would have been helpful to have a little more world building. The Zeta-16 space station seemed like a fascinating place to live and work. I would have liked to know more about it so that I could better understand why Astrid chose to work there even though she found it so lonely at times. If the author ever decides to write a sequel, I’d sure like to see what she might do with this in particular.

Astrid and Tabitha had excellent chemistry. I enjoyed the flirtatious banter between them just as much as I did seeing how well they both responded to each other’s boundaries and wishes. They were both emotionally intelligent women who were good at reading other people’s nonverbal cues. When this was combined with all of the goals and interests they shared in common, it was easy for them to progress from acquaintances to something more than that.

Hunting Astrid was a sizzling read that I’d recommend to fans of erotica and science fiction alike.

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