How Not To Date A Vamp by Stephanie Burke

How Not To Date A Vamp by Stephanie Burke
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

What do you get when your greatest strength lies in not dying easy? If you are lucky and no one confuses you with a pop culture vampire, and if you diet and exercise to keep your weight down, you just might get the girl. But first you have to avoid the hunters on your trail, the cost of replacing your clothing, and get over your phobia about wood.

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Barb is having quite possibly the worst night ever, when she’s rescued by Virgil – a cute stranger who happens to be a vampire. But being undead is nowhere near as glamorous – or exciting – as Barb is expecting and Virgil has no qualms about correcting her many misperceptions on what being undead and living for a really long time is truly like.

Sit back with a huge alcoholic drink, disengage your brain and prepare to laugh and then wince in sympathy at this super funny short story. Barb is totally having the worst luck and evening I’ve ever heard about (the author lost me when the car door closed on Barb’s dress and it ripped right off her body – although the visual was incredibly funny and made me giggle). I was a bit sad that both Barb and Virgil fell pretty much into insta-lust with each other, but couldn’t fault the author for that since this is quite a short story and Barb and Virgil really did just click well together and I was super impressed at how they both connected over blues and music – it really helped sell me on the speed and intensity of how the relationship started between them both. I was also impressed while the attraction between Barb and Virgil was nearly instant, they didn’t just jump directly into bed with each other – that made the whole instant-attraction thing a lot easier for me to handle, when I could get to know their characters a bit better before they became physically intimate.

I loved how Virgil shattered many of Barb’s misconceptions and poor taste in paranormal reading material – I found the whole scene made me laugh out loud and I still giggled upon a second re-read. While the plot aspect of the story was fairly short I enjoyed how it was well-woven throughout the growing romance between Barb and Virgil and also liked how even though it was simple, the plot was coherent and added a good amount of tension to the story as a whole.

Fun and frivolous, with some modern, relatable and outstanding characters, I found this to be a humorous and really enjoyable, sexy romance story.

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