Hotter Than Ever by Elle Kennedy

Hotter Than Ever by Elle Kennedy
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full length (340 pages)
Other: M/F, M/M, M/F/M, Menage, Anal Play
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Tulip

When you land in hot water, swim for safety—or let the fire burn.

Claire McKinley has just experienced every bride’s nightmare. The groom is a no-show, and now she must face five hundred guests alone. Furious and humiliated, Claire seeks help from the most unlikely candidate—her almost-brother-in-law, who promptly whisks her away to his apartment in San Diego, where she can recover her pride in peace and quiet.

Dylan Wade is no fan of Claire’s, but no way can he leave the jilted bride in her time of need. Bringing her home seems like a good idea—until he remembers his new roommate. Dylan’s relationship with Aidan is…complicated. And with Claire thrown into the mix, life becomes even more…complicated.

Claire is blindsided by her attraction not only to Dylan, but also to Aidan, a man she’s just met. Soon they’re caught up in an all-consuming sexual storm they can’t fight even if they wanted to. Yet Claire wonders if it can last, or if she’s just setting herself up for more heartache.

The title says it all with this book. Hotter Than Ever is definitely the best story yet in the sexy Out of Uniform series from Elle Kennedy. Claire is the jilted bride- left at the alter by her spineless fiance. Dylan is the best man- brother of the groom- left holding the bag of crap that is explaining his brother’s last minute change of heart. Aidan is the “other” guy:  Dylan’s lover and housemate. He’s a charismatic charmer with a hot body and a seductive gaze.

Claire was stunned when her groom ran off minutes before their wedding. Even more shocking was his brother Dylan’s suggestion that she lick her wounds at his apartment in San Diego. The pair had a mutual animosity that was based on misconception. Claire is one of the few people who knows about the important secret Dylan is keeping about his intimate relationship with his housemate, Aidan.

Aidan is sexy as sin and intuitive as hell. Love and hate are kissing cousins…and he realizes way before Dylan or Claire that they are attracted to each other. That’s okay because he wants them both, and it’s not like he and his guy haven’t shared women before. It takes a few days, and a serious intervention from Aidan, before the bickering pair get to the root of their anger. It seems that people and situations aren’t always what they seem.

The trio began a relationship that was based on lust but it soon turned into something so much deeper. Then bam !!! Soon as they recognize the importance of what they’ve found…conflict starts hitting from all different directions. The triad get some serious flak with major fallout to deal with. You know I can’t tell you what happened. And don’t get me started about that low-down dirty fiance of Claire’s. Suffice it to say…that jerk was in serious need of a butt kicking.

The sexual tension between these three players was amazing. My favorite love scenes were the steamy M/M; Kennedy has a flair for putting on the smexy. The writer outdid herself on those fabulous oral scenes and amazing anal, but it was the way she put the emotions into them that put the story on a romantic level. Aidan had this thing about looking into Dylan’s eyes and holding his hand…it put a smile on my face and a gasp on my lips. The three-ways were just as strong. Splendidly erotic and perfectly choreographed. One on one action was spectacular, with each guy using his own perfect technique for seducing Claire. Kennedy had me panting right along with Claire, as Dylan and Aidan corrupted her with their seductive wiles.

This book had loads of goodness going on all over the place. A wonderful relationship grew between Claire and her men. They started out as a fling, then it grew into a romantic relationship with a close friendship. They looked for ways to be there for each other, and when they chose being together over everything else I felt that it was meant to be.

Then there was the close friendship between the SEAL friends and the easy acceptance that came with it. This brought an even deeper enjoyment to the story and I couldn’t get enough of it. In fact, I’m already thinking ahead to at least one more SEAL left to get his story. Hurry up, Ms. Kennedy, and introduce some new hot SEALs for me to drool over.

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