The Sweet Ones by David Moles

The Sweet Ones by David Moles
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Horror, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (17 pages)
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

The Bad People Are Coming

Can five year old Tommy and his family survive a zombie attack by barricading themselves into an old house?

Monsters aren’t supposed to be real, but sometimes some of them are.

A lot of the action in this tale happened through the dialogue. It was a neat way to show the audience how Tommy’s understanding of what was happening was different from how an adult would describe it. I was really curious to see what a five year old would have to say about something as violent and unpredictable as a zombie uprising. Using conversations between this character and the adults around him was a smart way to approach this premise.

There was one part of the plot that I would have liked to see more attention paid to. It didn’t quite seem to match up with what had happened in an earlier scene. Having more information about why it was written the way it was would have helped me determine if there was something about it that I was missing or if it was actually intended to be written that way. I can’t go in any more details about it without giving away spoilers, of course, but it was something that stuck in my mind after I finished reading this story.

The zombies in this book were incredibly scary. It took me a little while to realize why they were so frightening because Tommy had such an innocent approach to what was happening in his life. Finally putting all of the pieces together was exhilarating. Theses definitely aren’t creatures I’d ever want to run into under any circumstances.

Zombie lovers, take note! The Sweet Ones made me shudder.

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