Ayahuasca by Jonathan Huls

Ayahuasca by Jonathan Huls
Publisher: Duvinchi Media Group
Genre: Contemporary, horror
Length: Full Length (244 pages)
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Stargazer

Best friends since childhood, Damien and Paxton are going on a college graduation trip of a lifetime to the jungles of Peru. Their adventures along the way will culminate in a night of consuming the mind-altering drug ayahuasca – the most potent DMT based hallucinogen known to man. Will the experience expand their consciousness and change them into the men society beckons? Or will the young men’s shadowy backgrounds turn the trip so dark that it will consume them and everyone around them?

Ready for an adventure of a lifetime? How about a journey that will change your whole perception of the world?

Ayahuasca is a horror story based on the human mind. While the story starts off with a bang, the reader begins to see the inner workings of the minds of Damien and Paxton. Quite quickly the reader realizes that something is not right. These two young men come from a world of affluence and influence where money is limitless. This all leads to a college graduation party of epic proportions.

Yet, the reader does not quite realize what is in store or what the two men have planned. Flashbacks along the way start to show how the two men, who became young friends many years ago, began to see the world in a much more dark and twisted manner than most. Stretching the limits of their own humanity, the two young boys begin a torturous journey towards adulthood. With little social regard for what makes us human, the boys manage to duck out of trouble but continue their dark ways. Even when the boys create the Firebox, the risk of getting caught was downplayed by the horrors that the boys learned that they could control.

Jonathan Huls writes a fascinating tale of lust, imperfection, psychosis and a wicked and wild drug called Ayahuasca. From the first encounter with the drug, visions and hallucinations of a talking jackalope haunt Paxton and warn him of a dangerous future. Flashbacks to the past show the reader just how deeply this psychosis and issues in both the lives of Damien and Paxton are woven.

Although Ayahuasca utilizes strong language, extremely graphic descriptions of violence and very graphic depictions of death, this is a fantastic of what happens in the minds of those who may have a predisposition to be mentally imbalanced and when that imbalance is fed directly with horrors and inhumanity-the result can be horrifying.

If you enjoy psychological thrillers and dark horror stories, I highly recommend Ayahuasca. This story will have you thinking twice about your own mental limits!

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