Home to Me by LaVerne Clark

Home to Me by LaVerne Clark
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full length (220 pages)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

Home after years living overseas, Lucy Caldwell makes a shocking confession to her best friend. She could live without sex for the rest of her life and never miss it. She doesn’t realize the man she’s loved forever is in the bar and overhears her alcohol-fueled admission.

Samuel Merrick is horrified when the passionate “brat” he’d once known declares herself frigid. Upon discovering her emotional scars stem from a traumatic event she tried to bury, he vetoes the girlfriends’ dangerous scheme of finding a man to help her rediscover her sexuality, offering to fill the role of lover himself.
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What starts as a no-strings arrangement to keep her safe soon becomes an all-consuming passion neither of them is prepared for. Fire burns out of control between them, threatening the very fabric of the friendship they hold so dear. Once the ashes have cooled, will there be anything left to salvage?

The synopsis says “Fire burns out of control between them” “Once the ashes have cooled, will there be anything left to salvage?” I’m not sure when the fire ever went out for the ashes to cool. The sexual teasing between the hero and heroine caused such sexual tension I’m surprised my book didn’t melt in my hands.

I’ve read some hot books in the past and I normally never point out heat levels in my reviews but this story was consistently, effectively, hot. There was heavy sexual tension consistently from beginning to end and it was strong enough that I felt it worth mentioning. If readers enjoy material verging on explicit then this story delivers.

The synopsis is the plot. There aren’t any surprise plot twists or other complex scenarios with depth threaded throughout the story but I thought the plot concept sounded interesting enough, and is why I read it. I just thought there’d be more of it. If not for the traumatic event that the heroine, Lucy, endured, then this book would have had nothing to hold it together. Speaking of this traumatic event, I think there should have been a warning to the reader at the beginning of the book regarding the sensitive matter. I credit the author with writing about this traumatic event with respect, compassion and empathy. I don’t have an issue with the topic matter, but I would have appreciated a heads up.

Samuel was a wonderful hero and easy to feel romantic about. His commitment to family and his caring personality to others were a huge draw for me. I’m thankful Lucy had Samuel to help her with her issue. They were destined to be together since childhood. I liked Lucy and found her easy to relate to and together as a couple, I was pleased to see their love for each other blossom. Even better, I do believe they loved each other emotionally, not just physically. I thought it was cute that several of the secondary characters figured out Samuel and Lucy loved each other much sooner than they did themselves.

If you need some inspiration and are looking for something to read to put you in the mood, then this book has the heat to help you get your motors running. I definitely was concerned about overheating myself. I’d recommend this book to those who are comfortable with a romance with a hot rating and all that goes along with it. Just have ice handy.

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