His Woman by Arabella Sheen

His Woman by Arabella Sheen
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Lesley York, a divorced mother of two with a PhD in Fine Art, finds herself falling hard for the charm and charisma of Rafael Capello.

And love? Well, love has nothing to do with it. She’s making no plans for a future with Rafe. And besides, she’s ten years too old for him. What she needs from Rafe is physical fulfilment … in other words, sex, but without the romance or strings attached.

But Rafe wants more from Lesley than a fleeting romance. He thinks she’s sophisticated and stylish, and he’s developed an unexpected passion for one sexy mature lady in particular…

As the University goes into lockdown, can Rafe and Lesley find love amid the crisis of a pandemic?

Lesley might not be the young, naïve dreamer she had been – but that didn’t mean she couldn’t occasionally do something spontaneous. Like take the handsome Rafe up on his offer of a steamy, sexy fling. Since they both worked at the University they often found their early morning swims at the campus pool meant they had the entire complex to themselves. Lesley all too soon finds herself in deep water with Rafe. Are they in this together, can she really become his woman?

I found this to be a delightfully sexy, short read. I was pleased that both Lesley and Rafe were interesting characters and that Lesley in particular was a thoroughly modern and relatable character that I could empathize with. While her painful past and emotional baggage held her back somewhat I was pleased she took a chance on Rafe and that they could indulge together and have some grown up fun.

Readers looking for an intricate plot or a very deep and complex story won’t find that here, but this short story is a steamy and wonderfully quick, fun read. Extremely explicit, I thought this hot romance still managed to covey a strong emotional connection between Lesley and Rafe. Despite her previous relationship pain Lesley was clearly willing to trust Rafe and I felt it was obvious he had good intentions towards her too.

Rafe could easily have been written as an arrogant playboy, cruising through the female population of the university so I was relieved and impressed when it was clear he was focused on Lesley and really wanted to form a relationship with her and commit. I found that refreshing and lovely. The small subplot around Lesley’s ex-husband and children could have been fleshed out a little better to my mind, but I wasn’t overly concerned about that partly due to the short word count, but also since the focus remained on the beginning stages of Lesley and Rafe’s relationship and that made sense for this steamy romance.

With two strong and interesting characters and a brilliant modern outlook this sexy short story was a great, quick read.

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