His Lady Peregrine by Ruth J Hartman

His Lady Peregrine by Ruth J Hartman
Publisher: esKape Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (83 pgs)
Heat: Sensual
Rated: 5 stars
Reviewed by Snapdragon

Percy Radcliff has gone mad. At least that’s what his family thinks. Simply because he adores birds to distraction. If only there were someone with whom he could share his great love. Perhaps he’s found her in the woman he happened upon at the Bird Sanctuary?

Widow Georgiana Ollerton has finally met her match. In love and in admiration for everything avian. Percy, though odd, has a sensual quality Georgiana can’t quite explain but definitely wants to explore further.

The problem is Percy has once again gotten himself into a pickle. How is he to romance his lovely Georgiana when another woman believes him to be her long-lost husband? Will Percy be able to disentangle himself from the other woman before he loses Georgiana for good?

Truly, author Ruth J Hartman has demonstrated an amazing skill in creating charming, but utterly unique and original characters.

In His Lady Peregrin we discover Percy Radcliff; bird fancier, almost a would-be bird himself. Oh, the matter-of-fact way we discover Percy’s deepest wishes! Off beat, funny and yet, so appropriate to this story. Events move right along and the quality of the characters certainly contributes.

Lady Georgiana Ollerton is remarkable for her looks. Oh, she’s not a sweet engaging lass at all, for these two are quite mature adults, and yet, there it is…she resembles…well…I’ll leave it to readers to discover the Lady’s looks for themselves. She is remarkable. Percy also notes that she is “sarcastic, blunt, and demanding”; safe to say, this is not your typical ‘match made in heaven.’ Yet, though things ought to go as easily as falling out of a tree, there are complications. A certain other lady (that woman!) has her sights set on Radcliff…too. She’s something of a character herself.

I do wish the cover somehow reflected the unique qualities in this story.  It’s appropriate for the time, but not as unique as what’s contained within.

Throughout, events are unpredictable, conversation is often light and humorous, and even secondary characters contribute. Quirky, fun and fast-moving, mark this one a Must Read.

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