His Holiday Miracle by Candace Sams

His Holiday Miracle by Candace Sams
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Holiday, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (70 pgs)
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Aloe

Rorn T’Kar, Commander of Earth ship Verdon, returns home after battling Earth’s enemies for five long years. His one regret is that the woman he still loves, and who broke their engagement, was killed in battle.

Lyra Dench broke her engagement to the handsome Rorn so she could join the Infiltration Corps. Due to the secrecy of her mission she couldn’t tell Rorn why she left him almost at the altar.

Five years later Rorn finds himself home again on Armistice Day. The allies have won, but he’s lost his heart. For him, homecoming is a bittersweet experience until the love of his life suddenly arrives back home, on his front lawn. Rorn makes a vow. Whatever it takes, he’s not letting her walk away again. He’s got the second chance he’d hoped for; he’s got his holiday miracle.

Rorn has finally completed his tour of duty and has helped win the war and bring by peace. If only he could find peace for himself…

Imagine losing the one you love. First she blows him off in a public place and throws his ring back at him. Then she disappears. And then she dies. All he can do is go home, be with his family in their new home on a new planet and try to find an interesting and challenging job. He wants no women in his life. He’s done with that.

Wars are always bad things and even in the future with more planets settled and more aliens around, war is still bad. The warriors carry baggage in the form of memories of men lost and battles both won and lost. After all, the planet that Rorn’s parents lived on was destroyed and they just barely got away.

Both Rorn and Lyra saw and did things they don’t want to talk about or just plain can’t talk about. When you go undercover, you protect yourself by keeping secrets. Happily that is all behind them now.

Ms. Sams writes a tale that flows well, it’s short and sweet and it’s touching. It skims the war, talks about his family and his shock at finding Lyra alive. It’s an entertaining read (do you want to survive by eating lizards?) and it’s also sweet. The ending made me happy. It’s a good thing they talk to each other. This was a feel good story and I liked it.

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