His Curvy Woman by Sam Crescent

His Curvy Woman by Sam Crescent
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (51 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Ace Heart has always been the bad boy. Women have fallen at his feet, begging for him, but he has only ever wanted one girl. Throughout high school, he watched her from afar but never got close. His time to claim her as his own passed, and she moved away. Three years ago, though, she came back, and she’s now working for him. He can’t hold back any longer. It’s been too long, and he intends to claim this curvy woman for himself.

All of her life Trixie Dean has done what her parents wanted. She was the model student, the perfect daughter. But when her parents tried to get her to marry their “perfect guy”, everything fell apart. Trixie wanted to do something for herself. She started with getting a tattoo, and one thing led to another, until finally, she got the job working for Ace Heart.

Ace wants to claim Trixie for his own, and Trixie wants to belong to him in every single way that counts. Can she fight off the demons of her past, or will she be forever lonely? Can Ace prove to her that his curvy woman is worth fighting for?

Ace might be covered in ink and own a tattoo parlour, but there was more to him than a first glance might convey. Trixie had known Ace in high school – but her life had been pretty planned out for her. It wasn’t till it had come crumbling down that Trixie had really understood what was important, and she’d returned to Ace. When Trixie and Ace finally confess their feelings to each other will it be the end? Or a new beginning?

I found this to be a sexy and fun short story. Trixie is the fairly common good-girl-trying-to-turn bad type of character. It’s no surprise, therefore that she’s decided to finally act upon her very long-time crush on bad-boy-with-heart-of-gold Ace. While I feel this story flirted a little too closely with the traditional stereotypes, the author did a good job of injecting plenty of life into Trixie and Ace’s characters. While at another author’s hands this probably would have come across as “just another…” type of sexy short story, I actually found myself really caring about Ace – and to a lesser extent Trixie. Admittedly while describing the story in generalities it seems very similar to a bunch of other stories, I enjoyed the voice of the characters and found myself wanting to know how everything turned out.

In no way did this plot – or even the hot sex scenes – read as unique or ground-breaking, but despite this I did enjoy the freshness of the author’s tone and the quick pace helped me keep turning the pages, interested in where Trixie and Ace would lead next. Readers looking for a fresh new take on this style of story might be disappointed, but for a quick, sexy and fun read this story ticked a number of the boxes for me and I truly did enjoy it. With a lovely happy ending and plenty of smoking hot sex this is a fun short story.

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