High Scandal by DC Stone


High Scandal by DC Stone
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (50 pgs)
Heat Level: M/F, light BDSM
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Tristan White begins to think his professional and loyal secretary, Isabelle, is up to something. Her disappearing acts around the office leads him to think she could even be acting as a spy for competitors.

Isabelle has a secret, one she has kept in the closet—literally—for years.

Tristan’s suspicions catch up with him and after following Isabelle, he not only uncovers what secret she’s been hiding, but also begins to see his secretary in a new light.

Can Isabelle break out of the box and see herself as Tristan does? Or will their professional relationship cause lines to be drawn?

Tristan is dying of curiosity. Every week for months now Isabelle signs for a foot long, box-shaped white package and disappears for an hour or so. His secretary was the epitome of cool, calm and collected. The only time she ever shows a hint of real excitement is when she gets these boxes and steals away so stealthily. Not knowing what’s going on is driving him crazy. Giving in, he finally hunts down her hiding spot, only to find her with her long skirt hiked up to her knees, trying on the sexiest pair of red leather shoes. Blown from his mind is the mousy, quiet, reliable image he’s had for years now of Isabelle, and he’s no longer able to deny the fact she’s a sensual, gorgeous woman. One he wants on many levels.

This is a novel twist on the classic tale of a man finally having his eyes opened to the woman who has been under his nose for a long time. I like how Isabelle is both bold and modern – but not overly sassy or in-your-face. She’s modest and no slinky wanton, but still comes across as really sensual and sexy. She also isn’t one to just lie back and take rubbish from any man, she knows how to stand up for herself and isn’t willing to be walked all over. I found the story refreshingly new even though the heart of the plot has been told before. The author manages to bring it not only into the modern age, but also retain some of that older “hidden sexy lady inside even the quietest of women” style of story. This is a fun, well-written book and is a good read.

With passionate romance, a strong plot and best of all – sexy shoes! – this book is sure to be a winner for many readers.


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