Her Strong Force by Megan Slayer

Her Strong Force by Megan Slayer
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Heather McGraw doesn’t want to strip forever. She has plans for her life and stripping seems like the right choice to make enough money to pay off her debts. She’s not looking for love, but what if love finds her?

Mario Black can’t take his eyes off Heather. The young woman isn’t a natural on the stage, but she’s got a certain innocence and she captivates him. He wants her. When he’s given the chance to protect her while she moves from the stage to the Jordan family inner circle, he’s thrilled.
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A demon from her past wants to ruin her future. Can Mario give her the protection, devotion and love she wants while protecting her heart?

Heather knows she’s a klutz and has never been accepted by the other strippers, but she needs the money and can’t be too picky. Mario had seen Heather at the club before and while he’s tried to hide his attraction all that resolve melts when Heather is thrust into his care and his only job becomes protecting her. Neither Heather nor Mario understand where the danger is coming from – but they’re both determined to keep each other safe.

This is a fast paced steamily erotic story. I really enjoyed both Mario and Heather’s characters almost immediately and found myself quite emotionally invested in both of them and their slowly blossoming relationship. I was really pleased the author spent a bit of time showing us what Heather and Mario were like before they jumped into bed together – this helped them feel more realistic but also let me grow attached to them and become invested in their romance. While Mario was a little cookie cutter as a character, the over-protective, masculine persona never really grows old with me and I really enjoyed how Heather was a lot more unique. Her talents lay in costume design and being a beginner seamstress and I loved how refreshing and different this was.

The sex between Mario and Heather is explicit and steamy. I was pleased though that there was a good balance between the sex and growing romance between the two main characters and the plot of Heather being in danger and trying to change her life around. I felt both aspects to the story got an equal and strong showing in the story and this helped keep the tension high but also kept the story feeling like it moved along at a good pace.

Sexy and strongly plotted, I enjoyed this interesting erotic story.

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