Her Mates’ Embrace by Rebecca Airies

Her Mates’ Embrace by Rebecca Airies
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Sci/Fi, Paranormal
Length: Full length (243 pages)
Other: M/F/M, M/M, M/F, Anal play/Intercourse, Spanking, Menage
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

Cami’s hunted by two vicious men from her past. It’s the only reason she follows her newfound visions to the two powerful Santir shapeshifters, Linc and Colm. Intense attraction and uncontrolled magic draw her closer to them despite her reservations. As much as she wants to fall into their arms and bed, she knows that her past and Colm’s beliefs make any kind of relationship between them impossible.

The desire to get closer to Cami surprises Linc and Colm. It’s different than anything they’ve ever felt before. Their need to uncover her secrets is only surpassed by their hunger for her kiss and touch. They soon realize that feeling is far more than sexual attraction. She’s their mate. To claim and keep her, they’ll have to earn her trust and protect her, or the danger stalking her will steal their chance at happiness.

Fear and distrust have been Cami’s constant companions ever since she escaped the control of the false Ardin, Laed and Kynar. If having two crazed men seeking retribution wasn’t enough to deal with there’s also the magic she’s acquired that seems to be growing. The strange dreams and visions that were brought on by the magic she can’t seem to control, led her to a true bonded pair of Ardin, Linc and Colm. They’ll have to help her work through some pretty serious physical and mental scars before they can claim Cami as their mate.

Her Mates’ Embrace opens by dropping the reader right into the last leg of Cami’s journey to find safety with Linc and Colm. Ms. Airies alludes to a nasty confrontation that occurred between Cami and the false Ardin but the actual event is never actually shown in this book. This novel is a part of the Primal Attractions Series and so that event could have happened in one of the other books. She gives plenty reasons to feel empathy towards Cami and hope that the two bad guys are caught and dealt with before they can find and hurt her. That’s where the alpha males meant to be her mates come in.

Even if it did happen elsewhere I would have liked to have read a short recount of what brought on their anger and how she escapes to find Linc and Colm. I think seeing her realize that she suddenly had magic and come to the conclusion that Linc and Colm could protect her while helping her learn to use it would have added several layers to the story. Not to say that this story isn’t complex. It is but seeing the back story as opposed to having bits of it dropped in would have been nice as well. I can see how Ms. Airies might have simply wanted to move the story along so that we the readers could spend more time with Linc/Colm/Cami as their relationship progressed.

Linc and Colm are bonded. Among the Santir shapeshifters that’s a pretty special connection but they still have an opportunity to find their true mate. Maybe it was Cami’s trust issues or something Colm says but she has a hard time believing he actually wants to find a true mate. Linc and Colm’s bond also includes a sexual side. I was a little disappointed that there was only one occasion where they explore that side. Having said that, once they come to realize that Cami is their mate it pretty much becomes a game of cats and mouse. Cami’s quick temper keeps them on their toes but I knew they’d win their mate in the end. It just took a bit of convincing that wasn’t at all unpleasant to witness. Once Linc and Colm get Cami to calm down and realize she wants them every bit as much as they want her the sparks turned into a full on heatwave.

I knew that at some point this trio would have to face the bad guys from Cami’s past. The separate fights that end in their capture are a bit anti-climatic but since the focus of the story seemed to be more on Linc, Colm and Cami finally fulfilling the mate bond I can see why it was glossed over.

I liked the hero’s in this tale very much but that didn’t surprise me. I’ve read other alpha shifter books by this author and she does a fantastic job of character building. These guys are the right amount of hard, hot and heart. I had no troubling routing for them to win their girl.

Her Mates’ Embrace is a great stand alone title in the Primal Attractions series. Ms. Airies world building brought right into the scene and kept me involved in the story. Readers who look for spunky heroines and uber alpha males will enjoy getting to know these three. The chemistry is intense and pretty instant but the love builds slow and sweet.

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