Heath’s Hope: A Beauford Bend Novella by Alicia Hunter Pace

Heath’s Hope: A Beauford Bend Novella by Alicia Hunter Pace
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (99 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

Heath Beckett would have never moved his renowned stained glass business to the artisan boutique town of Beauford, Tennessee, if he’d thought there was any chance Hope MacKenzie would return there. Ambitious and career-minded Hope left him with a bleeding heart years ago when she couldn’t fathom that his art would ever turn out to be more than a hobby.

Now she’s back because her family’s bank needs her desperately. Although she reluctantly settles into a quiet life in her hometown, she’s soon embraced by the knitting circle at a local shop, and Hope finally begins to understand the charms of small-town living: the neighbors who truly care for you and the slower pace that affords an appreciation of more simple joys.

She steers clear of Heath, knowing she foolishly lost her chance with him long ago. But when she gives a personal loan to the women who own the local knitting shop without consulting Heath, who has helped them with their finances for years, the two must work together to ensure the ladies’ business plan is in tip-top shape.

Surely a man capable of creating such pure beauty has a heart that can forgive. But can he still love?

Time has a way of maturing youthful infatuation into mature love but it doesn’t come without some growing pains.

Heath and Hope met in college and made plans. Well, Hope made plans and when Heath’s “hobby” led him in a different direction she pushed him further away. It would be a one of the few compulsive decisions she made, but it was a doozy with consequences that stole years from them.

The rekindled tension starts building for Hope as soon as she sees a familiar piece of artwork hanging in Heath’s store and Heath seems to have never let it rest. That tension explodes with the catalyst of Hope’s decision to loan some money to the sweet Stinson twins and gives new meaning to the term angry sex. If was obvious they both needed and had tried to avoid the connection as long as possible but like a magnet to steel, these two would always be drawn to one another. It was really beautiful.

I had to side with Hope on her obsession with one specific piece of male real estate, I kind of love snuggling up to that sweet spot, too. I knew she’d find her way back into Heath’s arms and more importantly his heart but these two are as stubborn as they can be. They’re both a little wary of getting their hearts broken again, too. I knew when they finally started to communicate they’d be alright. And Heath, sweet socially awkward Heath, he was precious and I couldn’t wait for Hope to admit it, too.

This is sweet and sensual addition to the Beauford series. The author has created a fantastic setting with the town of Beauford, Tennessee and I just love coming back to visit time and again. The secondary characters are so much fun and it’s great to see some favorites from other stories.

For a short story to warm you on a cold night, take a trip to Beauford Bend. Plus, there’s a cool bonus at the end of this book. Don’t miss it!

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