Heart of Ice by Sibelle Stone

Heart of Ice by Sibelle Stone
Publisher: Books to Go Now
Genre: Historical, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (213 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia

Will their passion for each other be a blessing, or fulfill an ancient curse and destroy them?

Lucinda Stafford is uniquely unqualified to serve as governess for the children of a handsome inventor. But, she’s determined to prove to her family she’s not a fragile, pampered heiress who can’t take care of herself. She didn’t plan to be attracted to the man who makes her furious one moment and whimper with desire the next. When danger threatens, can she save two innocent children from a terrifying nightmare?

Grayson Thorne has only weeks to prove his geothermal plant can generate electricity, or he’ll lose much needed funding. He’s desperate to hire a new governess, but shocked when his housekeeper returns home with a beautiful, educated female who awakens long dormant desires. She’s the perfect choice, if he can manage to keep his hunger for her kisses and fantasies of taking her to his bed under control.

An ancient Icelandic curse hides in the hills, haunting the residents of Thornehús. Grayson and Lucinda may be swept away by passion, but they must face an unspeakable horror that threatens them all.

A temporary position as a governess has left Lucinda with permanent attachments.

Lucinda is a smart, outspoken young woman. Unfortunately these are not qualities that are appreciated by the other members of society. However, Lucinda just can’t imagine herself in the role of a subservient, silent wife. When presented with the opportunity for a taste of independence, Lucinda happily accepts a position as a governess. For someone with no experience with children, Lucinda sure is a natural. I love how caring and patient she is right from the start. She never treats the children like an obligation as past governesses have. Instead, she treats them with respect and gentleness. Her warmth and genuine affection wins the children over almost instantly.

Even though the children take an immediate liking to Lucinda, Grayson has a much harder time accepting Lucinda into his life. While Lucinda and Grayson are physically attracted to each other, their personalities clash frequently. The majority of their exchanges are antagonistic, and while it was entertaining to watch them irritate each other, I found myself wishing they had more positive interactions. Privately they admire, respect and even develop affection for each other. I just with this had been more clearly demonstrated in their actions rather than just their thoughts.

Heart of Ice is mainly a Gothic romance, but there are elements of steampunk present. I must admit that the parts of the tale that dealt with technology did jolt me out of the story a bit, but not enough to ruin my enjoyment.

I was expecting the paranormal element to be a larger part of the story. The curse alluded to in the blurb loomed in the background for nearly the entire book and only became a frightening force at the very end. Even then, it was wrapped up much too quickly. There is very little explanation given on what exactly was going on and why Grayson and his family were being targeted. Despite this issue, the climax of the story is chilling and does come to a satisfying conclusion.

Heart of Ice is certainly an enjoyable read. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical romance with just a dash of the paranormal mixed in.

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