Have Mercy by Lisa James

Have Mercy by Lisa James
Publisher: Uncial Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full length (189 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Review by: Lavender

Sean’s whirlwind courtship so dazzled blues singer Rivie that she married him two weeks after they met. They had three months of bliss, before her ugly memories caught up with her. Finally her unspeakable secret has driven them apart.

After six months of separation, he still wants her back, so he offers her a bargain. If, after six months of trying to make their marriage succeed, she still wants to leave, he promises he will let her go. She hesitantly agrees, knowing that she can never tell him the truth about her past, because it will make him hate her.

Sean is determined to convince Rivie that she can trust him to love her, no matter what. She is just as determined to keep her secret. Only one of them will succeed, but their love for each other could mean they will both win in the end.

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Rivie is a complex character, and the author has done a great job at making Rivie’s inner torment real. She has layers of tender feelings and a secretive past. She is so sad, readers will deeply sympathize with how injured she is, and her secret creates great suspense.

Sean is an interesting character as well, her opposite, and he has strong feelings for her. He is a bit assertive with his feelings, but she really enjoys it and finds comfort in his arms. Rivie and Sean marry fast, after a whirlwind romance. They are happy, but Rivie’s past interferes, and she leaves him.

The suspense deepens. Just what about her past is tearing her up so badly and causes her to leave a man she has fallen in love with?

Rivie’s musical partner, Rand, has his own secrets. He makes a good counterpoint to her. The wise brother figure, his interaction with the couple makes for some interesting situations.

Sean wants to make things work and asks for six months, but Rivie is really messed up inside. Readers are likely to root for him. He can only win if Rivie finds some personal healing, so his win would mean hers, as well. At times, there are possibilities of confusion for the reader, but nothing too distracting.

This is a real page turner, an emotional story filled with painful love, and an injured woman’s journey to peace and happiness. The author has done well with capturing this journey.

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