Haunted by Danni Price

Haunted by Danni Price
Publisher: Changeling Press LLC
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (51 pages)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, Voyeurism, Menage
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

Quinn loved life. Too bad he’s dead. All in all, dying didn’t get him down. His death had been the thing of bucket lists. In the middle of screwing a knockout blonde, he’d gone out on top. Literally.

Virginia hates her job as a medium. When Jake, the hot, but geeky guy next door, enlists her help to uncover the truth about a supposed supernatural sex therapist haunting the local hotel, Virginia thinks the stories are nonsense. Egged on by her best friend, Virginia agrees to spend a weekend in the room and learns, not only is it all true, but the ghost is a total hunk who believes only she can help him move on.

Can Virginia help Quinn with his not so little problem and deal with her growing attraction to Jake?

Quinn DePaul is a 28 year old athletic who died an early death. Since his death his spirit has been lingering in a hotel room. His best friend Jake Matthews has contacted Virginia, a local medium, to help his friend move on.

Jake the geeky computer guy has a serious crush on Virginia, and this makes for an entertaining read, especially considering that Virginia isn’t showing any interest in Jake — all the ladies found Quinn the sexy one. Virginia’s friend Daphne, is a character to love. She brings humor to the story and just like a true friend, Daphne brings insight that Virginia can’t seem to see.

The plan is for Virginia and Jake to stay in the hotel room that Quinn haunts. Virginia uses her skills to try and figure out why Quinn hasn’t moved on, but she didn’t foresee her attraction for Jake coming into the picture. Sometimes being in the right place at the right time has its rewards, and this hold true for the scene that unfolds during their stay. Two innocent people, one afraid to act on his emotions and the other for whatever reason not interested. Being in each other’s presence is all it took to ignite a spark.

The story has a fast moving plot that didn’t leave a dull moment. Along with sizzling hot hotel room action I enjoyed this quick read. The author’s plot delivered an interesting story line that was well written and a satisfying read.

Will Virginia be able to help Quinn move on and will Jake express his feelings to Virginia? You will have to get a copy of Haunted to find out.

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