Hands Full of Ashes by Kim Hotzon


Hands Full of Ashes by Kim Hotzon
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Genre: Womens Fiction, Contemporary
Length: Full (247 pgs)
Heat: Spicy
Rated: 3.5 stars
Review by Rose

Olivia promises her dying husband that she will spread his ashes around the world. Landing in Africa, Olivia begins volunteering at an orphanage. After a weekend excursion viewing mountain gorillas, Olivia is unaware of how drastically her life is about to change. Love was never part of her plan . . .

This is an intriguing story about one woman’s journey to fulfill a promise she made to her dying husband, but it becomes so much more than that. It becomes the story of Olivia finding herself and finding a new passion for her life.

Although listed as “spicy” as a heat level, there is only one sexual scene, and it is not descriptive. It is, however, pivotal to the plot of the story. It’s hard to go into detail without getting into spoilers, but suffice it to say that Olivia doesn’t always make the best choices in this story.

The story is told not only from Olivia’s POV but at times from different character’s POV as well. A few of those could have been left out without hurting the main plot, in this reviewer’s opinion. But, they were not enough of a distraction to take away from Olivia’s story.

There is one decision Olivia makes towards the end of the book that some readers might find questionable.  It’s understandable given the circumstances and it’s very much in character with Olivia’s personality, but still made me raise an eyebrow. It was a hard decision.

Over all, the book was easy to read and gave me a new appreciation of Rwanda and Uganda and the troubles they have gone through. Good job.


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  2. Any tips on how to get through the dreaded writer’s block?

    • Mai T, clear your schedule, sit down and write! Don’t worry about editing at this point, just let it flow. Sometimes, changing your scenery helps. Writing somewhere different perhaps. But most importantly, just sit down and getting to work, keeping to a schedule, and so on. Good luck!

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