Guarded by Carmen Fox

Guarded by Carmen Fox
The Silverton Chronicles
Publisher: Smart Heart Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (263 pages)
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

Voted BoM by LASR Readers 2013 copy

When everyone’s existence depends on the lies they tell, trust doesn’t come easy.

Ivy’s neighbors have a secret. They aren’t human. But Ivy has a secret, too. She knows. As long as everyone keeps quiet, she’s happy working as a P.I. by day and chillaxing with her BFF Florian, a vampire, by night. When a routine pickup drops her in the middle of a murder, her two worlds collide. While Florian knows how to throw a punch, deep down he’s a softie. His idea of scary? Running out of hair product. It’s time Ivy faced facts. Even with a vampire on stand-by, one gal can only kick so many asses.

For help, she must put her faith in others. A human, who might just be the one. A demon, who will, for a price, open the doors to her heritage. And a werewolf, who wants to protect her from herself.

Torn between these men, Ivy must tread carefully, because one wants her heart, one wants her body, and one wants her dead.

Ivy is a private investigator with unusual neighbors, but then she’s not exactly normal herself. Her mother was a leanan sidhe and her father was a satyr. Her maternal grandfather was a brather demon also known as the Guardians. At the beginning of the book Ivy knows none of this but she has had her brush with the Fae when Lathan, kindlord of the demons, kidnaps her and tries to make her his slave. Two years later she escapes from Alethia and returns to the normal (well sort of normal) world where Ivy finds she can see auras which tell her the nature of the person.

Which brings us to the strange neighbors. A family of vampires, and a pack of wolves. Lucky for her they’re friendly. Now all she has to do is fight off Lathan’s demons who are trying to drag her back to the Alethia, find her boss and his daughter, and fight off the urge to make love to every man she sees.

I enjoyed this book from the paranormal scenes to the hot sexy bits. I found this to be one of those books I couldn’t put down. It had just the right level of hotness, mixed with a little bit of mystery and a good dose of comedy. Add to this the book was well written and edited and I believe it is a winner. From the title it looks like there’s more to come.


  1. Thank you for reviewing my book. I’m so thrilled that you enjoyed it. 🙂

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