Grizzly by Harley Wylde

Grizzly by Harley Wylde
Subtitle: The Beginning
Devil’s Fury MC 8, Multiverse: Bad Boys
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

May — I know what everyone sees when they look at him. A rough biker from the wrong side of town. But they don’t know John the way I do. He’s kind, protective, and there’s no one I’d rather be with. Unfortunately, he’s keeping me in the friend zone. He’s saved me multiple times, but when he finds me being attacked by the town’s golden boy, I see the Grizzly his club has named him for… but even at his most vicious I’m not scared of him. I don’t care that he’s a little older than me, or that people whisper when he walks past. I love him, and I know I’ll keep loving him until the day I die.

Grizzly — She’s too sweet, too good. Too perfect. May deserves the best life can offer, a respectable guy. That isn’t me. She might see me as some cuddly teddy bear, but there’s blood on my hands. I earned the name the Devil’s Fury gave me, and I wear it proudly. So I push her away, keep her at arm’s length, and make sure she thinks I don’t desire her even a little.
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It’s a lie. Biggest one I’ve ever told. There’s only one thing I want more than my club, more than my next breath — and that’s May.

My favorite talent of Ms. Wylde’s is her ability to write concise, powerful action scenes that really get a reader’s blood pumping. There is a flow to the author’s writing style that keeps the pace moving forward, creating a need to read faster, flip those pages to find out what happens next and delivers a feeling of satisfaction from the outcome.

Grizzly and May’s story and romance, though novella in length, had everything I look for in a book. I had fun, was entertained and was very happy with the wrap up epilogue. For readers who enjoy the hot stuff, in other words, graphic physical relationships, then they’ll find that here too, but it’s not heavy-handed at all. I think that’s because of the heroine. May is a novice and the author treated that with respect. There is enough description to deliver some hot-under-the-collar moments but it’s not hardcore like some of the other books in the series.

There are a few short scenes that might make a reader uncomfortable because of the nature of the threat, but it’s only enough to validate the plot and justify the comeuppance the villains eventually get. I don’t think a reader can be unmoved by what May had to briefly endure, but rest assured Grizzly earns his title of ‘hero’.

There are descriptive passages about the club … girls, but nothing readers of the series will be surprised about.

Grizzly is a well-written romance story, with heat, action and a happy ever after that thoroughly satisfies.


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