Goodbye to Yesterday by Wanda Brunstetter

Goodbye to Yesterday by Wanda Brunstetter
Book one in the Discovery Series
Publisher: Barbour Books
Genre: Contemporary, Inspirational
Length: Short Story (121 pgs)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

Meredith and Luke Stoltzfus, an Amish couple, are faced with the greatest challenge of their young lives. Financial struggles. Arguments. A suspected pregnancy. A last-minute trip to Middlebury, Indiana. A deadly encounter at a Philadelphia bus station. Will their love and faith be enough to bring them back together again, against all odds?

A real zinger in a few pages!

I’ve not had the pleasure of reading Wanda Brunstetter’s work before this book and I’m glad I made the leap. Ms Brunstetter’s work shines. The words flow well and I was sucked into the story right away. I felt like I was there in Bird-In-Hand, PA. I could see Luke well.

There is a lot of emotional play in this book. There are instances where I wanted to throttle the characters, then turn around and hug them. Kudos to Ms Brunstetter for getting me emotionally involved.

There were a couple of things that took away from my enjoyment of the book. Granted, this is the beginning of a series, but there are a lot of characters being introduced. At times it was hard to keep them straight. It took a while, but I did keep them straight and I saw why they were there, but I think with a little more explanation, this could be a really powerful read.

Still, I like this series and can’t wait to sink my teeth into the next book. Thank you to Ms Brunstetter for setting up an interesting situation between Luke and Merrie.

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