Goal: A Mate by Selena Illyria

Goal: A Mate by Selena Illyria
Publisher: Etopia Press
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Full Length (162 Pages)
Other: M/F, Toys
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fuchsia

When you meet your true mate, you’ve got to take the shot…

Werewolf Pack Princess Kelly is overwhelmed with her new business, trouble with the rival cat shifters, and trying to ignore the attraction to her best friend’s younger brother. By bidding on Brandon in the Bachelor Auction, she thought she was just doing him a favor, saving him from the craziness. But now that she’s won him, her wolf wants to mark him as her mate, and she’s starting to lose control. So when he whisks her away for his birthday weekend, how can she refuse? Every kiss distracts her. Each caress sets her on fire. And every whiff of his scent makes her wolf want to take him where he stands.

As a former hockey player and werewolf, Brandon knows all about being pulled in different directions. And he knows exactly what he’s asking for when he pursues a relationship with the already overwhelmed Kelly. She may be five years older than he is, and the daughter of his pack’s Alpha, and his sister’s best friend and business partner, but none of that matters. There’s only one person he wants to spend his birthday with, and he’s not going to let her refuse. And when Brandon has his eye on the goal, there’s nothing that can stop him…

Brandon is a wolf shifter who has always known that Kelly was his mate, however since she was his sister Reenie’s best friend and older than him he chose to make her his friend as well. He wanted her in his life and he didn’t think that she saw him as mate material, so if he had to settle for friendship that’s what he would do. However, due to a series of events Brandon had to let Kelly know that he wanted her as a mate or risk losing her for good.

Kelly is the daughter of the Alpha and she knew that Brandon was her mate, but she didn’t think he saw her that way. She wanted him and needed him but did not want to ruin their friendship by taking that step then having it all go to pot. She would rather fantasize about being with him instead of risking it all by telling him she wanted him. Her father took that decision out of her hands which forced her to take action.

Goal: A Mate is the second book in the Bachelor Auction series by author Selena Illyria, the first one being Mate Not Wanted. Each book is a standalone however in my opinion the first book should be read simply because the characters are referenced in the second book. I enjoyed this book and the characters of Brandon and Kelly, but I must say that my favorite character was Reenie, Brandon’s older sister. She was quick with the comebacks, was no nonsense and cracked jokes when she was nervous which had me chuckling.

There were a few typos which was a distraction because I had to reread the line again to understand what the character was saying. Other than that the story was entertaining and I look forward to reading the third installment in the Bachelor Auction series. Hopefully it will be Reenie and Alberto’s story.

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