Ghost Killer by Robin D. Owens

Ghost Killer by Robin D. Owens
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Full Length (269 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Something wicked this way comes…

When her aunt died, level-headed accountant Clare Cermak inherited a fortune—as well as a phantom dog and the power to help ghosts move on. Her new gift led her to Zach Slade, a sexy private investigator with a unique psychic gift of his own, and the man who’s slowly opening her heart. But as they work toward building a future together, a sinister threat emerges.

An evil ghost is ravaging Creede, Colorado, threatening to devour the spirit of an innocent boy. Inexperienced in facing such a powerful ghost—and knowing her spirit, too, could be ripped away—Clare still can’t refuse to help. With Zach’s support she uncovers the ghost’s identity, and the ancestral weapon required to slay it. But does Clare dare to use that weapon before the ghost destroys the man she loves—and her own spirit?

Ghost Killer wastes no time in making chills run up and down a reader’s spine. The being called “The Other” not only creeps out the heroine, Clare, and the hero, Zach, but me too. In the first book it seemed omnipotent and wise. In this novel, Zach stood up to ‘it’ and wow, was that a revelation. The results of that confrontation added another layer of depth and intrigue to an already stunning and fantastical premise by the amazing Ms. Owens.

One thing I like about the Ghost Seer series is that each novel seems to have a complete resolved mystery even while the romance between Zach and Clare grows and blooms and strengthens. And, unlike regular murder mysteries, these books solve the deaths of people in the past whose ghosts want closure. Some ghosts go crazy, which is a unique concept, and become evil. Such is the case with Ghost Killer. What a reader will discover is that the title of the book is wonderfully clever and I did enjoy the insight.

Their romance goes through some growing pains in this novel. It was passionate, eye-opening and romantic. I like that the hero isn’t perfect and neither is the heroine. I liked how they both wanted to sacrifice for the other and how they handled the realization that they went about it the wrong way. Even though everything turned out alright, they couldn’t know that it would, so it was especially poignant.

I was fascinated as to how Clare doggedly pursued trying to identify the evil entity. There was a lot of drama and suspense because not only were they running out of time, the heroine was at risk of losing one of her very dear friends if she failed. Talk about pressure!

The dialogue, the descriptions of the environment, the interaction between Clare and Zach and even between Zach and Enzo were strong and well written elements throughout the entire book. In fact, I learned a bit more about Zach’s crows and I saw Zach come closer to accepting his own possible gifts and a relationship with Enzo, such as it is. There was so much going on, time passed by in a blur and I couldn’t stop reading until I got to the final wonderful, beautiful and oh, so romantic final page. My eyes got a teeny bit watery at the final paragraph.

Ghost Killer is a powerful story and a must read for fans of the series. Of the three so far, this one is the most intense because so much more was riding on Clare’s success. I’m thrilled that Zach is with her every step of the way. They are so good together and I enjoy watching them seduce each other in tiny, subtle and not so subtle ways. The plot is excellent and the romance delightful. I’m a very happy reader.

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