Gathering Speed by Tess Grant

Gathering Speed by Tess Grant
The Kitty Irish Trilogy, Book Two
Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, YA
Length: Full Length (171 pgs)
Age Recommendation: 14+
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia

All Kitty Irish wants to do is complete the task given to her by Daniel Phinney—free their small town from the werewolves that plague it. But every move she makes sets off an unforeseen reaction. She burns Phinney’s cabin to the ground to lay her mentor to rest. Instead the hot ashes raise up a detective bent on connecting the dots between Kitty and his cold case list. The truth she tells to free a friend brings her an unexpected ally in the fight. And the letter she opens shows her a window into a past she never knew she had. Kitty’s mission is gathering speed.

Kitty thought her war with the werewolves was winding down. She’d never been more wrong.

I was very excited to have the opportunity to read Gathering Speed, the second installment in the Kitty Irish Trilogy. Trajectories, the first book, had such an open ended conclusion that I jumped at the chance to learn more about Kitty and her mission. Gathering Speed picks up exactly where Trajectories ended. Anyone wanting to enjoy this thrilling tale must read Trajectories first.

Kitty’s monthly werewolf hunts are beginning to take a toll on her. After losing her friend and mentor, Phinney, Kitty has never felt more alone. Like Kitty, I wondered how in the world she could continue to hunt the wolves alone. She does her best to shield her friends and family from the danger, but Joe, her best friend, is becoming suspicious. Will Kitty recognize that she needs help and confide in him, or continue to push him away? As if that weren’t enough, Kitty has to deal with a persistent detective following her every move. With werewolf activity increasing in frequency, I was on the edge of my seat wondering how long Kitty could manage all the stress in her life before she started falling apart.

Kitty is a very strong heroine and is no stranger to responsibility. With her father still in Iraq and her mother continuing to work long hours, Kitty is still in charge of managing the house and her younger brother. Her ability to hold herself together while her world is falling apart at the seams is amazing. Hunting werewolves is understandably time consuming and her friendships were already beginning to suffer in Trajectories. Now that she is beginning her senior year of high school, Kitty finds herself under unbearable pressure. Kitty has some very tough choices to make. Does she let her friends in on her secret, or continue to shoulder the responsibility alone? Will her friends even believe her if she tells them the truth?

In the first book, Kitty and Joe took a few tentative steps on the path to romance. When I started reading Gathering Speed, I hoped that I’d be able to watch their romance continue to grow. I was definitely rewarded. Kitty and Joe’s relationship is paced perfectly, evolves naturally. However, Kitty does tend to be a bit of a control freak, and I wonder if she will be able to treat Joe as an equal partner.

As in the first book, I do wish that Jenna’s character had been more rounded. She and Kitty are supposed to have been good friends, but again, I must note that I saw very little evidence of that. Kitty and Jenna don’t even seem to move in the same social circle. I will say that Kitty’s concern for Jenna’s well being is genuine, and by the time I finished reading this tale, I was beginning to see the possibility of a full reconciliation between them.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Gathering Speed. I’d become emotionally attached to Kitty in the first book and I absolutely loved spending more time with her in this book. Ms. Grant has completely captured my interest with a saga that is both spine tingling and heartwarming. I highly recommend this latest offering by Ms. Grant and look forward to reading the conclusion of the Kitty Irish Trilogy in the near future.


  1. Nice review. I loved this story. Don’t forget to pick up Flying in the Dark as well.

  2. Well-deserved five stars for Tess Grant’s book. She is an engaging storyteller who writes the suspense and the touching scenes equally well.


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