“G” as in Gone by Cheryl N. Warner

“G” as in Gone by Cheryl N. Warner
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Suspense/Mystery, Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (41 pages)
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Geoff and Cami are the perfect couple. Or are they?

When radio talk host “Geoff with a G” Garner doesn’t come home from work one day without so much as a call, Cami begins to question his loyalty. Of course, it might simply be a practical joke. That’s what his radio show is known for. Or perhaps his anxiety disorder has returned, what with her constant pushing about starting a family.

Geoff’s anxiety has indeed returned, but not because of Cami. His kidnappers want $2.5 million for his release, but will anyone believe the prankster has been taken hostage before it’s too late?

Sometimes what happens after two people find their happily ever after isn’t as straightforward as it might first appear to be.

I enjoyed reading the descriptions of what it feels like to have anxiety. This is a difficult emotion to fully capture in fiction because so many of its symptoms can easily be mistaken for other issues. Tying them all together takes some talent. Ms. Warner pulled it off so well that I briefly wondered if some of the scenes were based on real-life events. They felt incredibly realistic and panic-inducing.

Geoff and Cami’s voices were so similar that at times I had trouble telling them apart. Couples who have been together for a while sometimes mimic each other’s mannerisms, but I found it hard to believe that any two people would have nearly identical thought patterns. While their personalities are eventually described in greater detail, it was done through telling instead of showing the reader exactly how Cami and Geoff are different from one another. I particularly would have liked to see more concrete examples of Cami’s love of organization and Geoff’s strong urge to be in the spotlight.

The humour in this tale caught me off guard. I was expecting to like it based on how intrigued I was by the blurb, but I never thought I’d find as many things to chuckle over during the course of it as I did. Kidnappings are serious business, of course, but the way other characters react to the disappearance of a man known for pulling outlandish pranks was well worth my time.

“G” as in Gone is a solid mystery that I’d recommend to anyone in the mood for something modern and funny.


  1. Thank you for the candid review, Astilbe. It’s rewarding to hear that my bout with peri-menopausal panic attacks has finally paid off! I wasn’t certain if my mixture of suspense and humor would resonate with readers, so thank you for confirming.
    I’m currently working on the sequel to this novella and am further expounding on Geoff’s and Cami’s personalities. Note to self: learn how to think and write like a man. Now that I’m full-blown menopausal, perhaps it won’t be a problem! : )

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