Fried Pickles and the Fuzz by Calico Daniels

Fried Pickles and the Fuzz by Calico Daniels
Publisher: Astrea Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (82 pgs)
Heat Level: sweet
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Aloe

Big Creek might be a stereotypical small town but even they have drama.

Heather loves her little café, and her best customer is the county Sherriff. She’s been waiting months for him to ask her out…maybe she won’t have to wait much longer.

Bronson feels at home in Big Creek even though he hasn’t been the Sherriff for long. Small towns have their perks and a pretty café owner who cooks like an angel certainly doesn’t hurt. Now, if he could only get over his nerves and drum up the gumption to ask her out.

Throw in a gossip mill, a redneck festival and an ill timed attempt to help and you end up with some laughs, some ruffled feathers and a town that is….Redneck Fabulous.

The first thing that caught my attention was the fact this book is part of The Redneck Fabulous Series. I mean, have you ever heard the words Redneck and Fabulous used in sentence before? I HAD to read this!

Bronson is the new Sheriff in town and he takes his meals at the Fried Pickle Café. It’s the only real eating joint in town but it also has a real pretty owner that sometimes sits and has coffee with him. He’s trying to get his nerve up to ask her out.

The author does an excellent job of writing a light romance that makes you care about her characters. Bronson is a bit shy and is ten years older than Heather. Heather’s last relative died and left her the restaurant. She knows everyone in town but doesn’t want to be too forward.

What really tickled me was the antics of old Gus. Gus gets into the middle of the parade when he’s not invited; he peeks in old ladie’s windows and pees on their sidewalks. And until the Sheriff puts him in jail you don’t learn that Gus is an old horse… That was sneaky Ms. Daniels, and a very nice touch to the story.

Just as Heather and the Sheriff are getting ready to be brave enough to date, Gus comes between him. Heather wants to protect him; Bronson must follow the law. The dance of love in this story has a few missteps but they keep dancing.

Ms. Daniel’s words flow well, I could see the small Texas town in my mind as I read the story, and just reading about the events at the weeklong fair is enough to make you chuckle. Have you ever heard of Cow Chip Bingo? You need to get this book and read it so you can learn about this main event and learn about old Gus’ fate. You also need to read it because it will make you laugh and it’s a fun read. Thanks for a good read, Ms. Daniels.


  1. The title alone makes me want to read this.

  2. Thank you so much for the kind review 🙂 I am working hard to finish up the second in this series 🙂 You, Me and Sweet Tea 🙂 I have plenty more antics and fun in store for this little town and the residents 🙂

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