For You by Emma Kaye

For You by Emma Kaye
A Candy Hearts Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Genre: Historical, Holiday, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (72 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Myrtle

It’s Valentine’s Day, and candy heart sayings mock Drew Engledown’s lonely state. He wants more in his life than work, but hasn’t met anyone he can imagine spending his life with. When he puts his own life at risk to save a friend, he’s sent back in time to Regency London and mistaken for a murdered earl. Has he been given a chance at love with the earl’s beautiful widow, or will he suffer the same fate as the previous lord?

When her husband’s heir lays claim to all she once owned, Lady Engledown is left nearly destitute. So she doesn’t know whether to be relieved or angry when the earl returns but claims he’s not her husband. Could he be telling the truth, or is he toying with her? She doesn’t know what to think of this man who is so different from the husband she never loved. Can they find happiness together, or will this man she comes to love leave her worse off than before?

Can royalty transcend the realm of time and cheat death?

Valentine’s Day for bachelor Drew Engledown means more than just candy hearts and secret admirers, it’s the day he starts questioning his own solitary existence. Why can’t he find his soulmate? His friend Chuck, who is blissfully wed to Brenda, agrees that Drew has not found “the one” otherwise he’d be married or nursing a broken heart.

As the two friends start across the street together, Chuck steps out in front of a double-decker London bus, but Drew’s quick action saves Chuck by pushing him out of the way, only to have the bus hit him instead. Somewhere between death and the hospital, Drew finds himself alive and well … in 1818 London!

Countess Julia, the beautiful woman who finds Drew strewn across her dead husband’s bed, believes him to be her spouse impossibly resurrected … for a moment. Then Julia realizes Drew is an almost identical twin to her late husband, Payne. Even Payne’s mother sees the amazing resemblance. Soon, Drew finds out that the late Payne Engledown was a womanizing scoundrel who failed to provide for his wife and mother in case of his death. Now Cousin Engledown is set to inherit everything, and he plans to toss out Julia and her mother-in-law. Can Drew help them?

This time travel story is unique and fun, although not all the dots connected for me. Drew’s acceptance of time travel, his ease of settling into instant royalty in a setting two-hundred years in the past, and his quick willingness to join a farce with people whom he barely knows, made the story feel rushed and incomplete. Even Brenda, who seemed to have all the answers that Drew and the readers needed, played such a small and insignificant role, her credibility was nil and her psychic-like abilities too convenient.

However, the story is creative, entertaining, and written in an easy-to-read style. It’s a quick read, too, making it perfect for long flights or an afternoon at the beach. If you’re looking for an unusual love story with the power to transport you to an out-of-the-ordinary place then this might be the perfect book for you!

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