For the Sheik’s Pleasure by Mary Jo Springer

For the Sheik’s Pleasure by Mary Jo Springer
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Heat Level: Spicy
Length: Full length (268 pages)
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

Someone is attempting to take over B’Quara by assassinating the king, and it’s up to CIA agent Candace Danvers to find out who. Candace, who lost her husband a year ago in a botched mission, is having a hard time adjusting to life. Now her superiors have assigned her to B’Quara as an undercover wedding planner for the biggest royal wedding in history. After a terrorist attack prohibits the king from attending their initial meeting, the king sends his heir, Prince Diyari. From the first moment they meet, sparks fly, but when the prince offers her a scandalous arrangement, Candace’s one remaining nerve breaks, and she slaps the prince in full view of a multitude of reporters.

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Candace needs to get to B’Quara before the next attack takes the king’s life, but every moment she’s in the presence of the prince, it becomes harder to concentrate on her mission. Every kiss, every smile, pulls her deeper under his spell. Yet she knows the prince can never be hers. When he becomes king, he must take Princess Naomi as his wife for the sake of his country. The harder Candace and Diyari battle their attraction, the more intense their feelings become. When her mission ends, Candace knows she’s the one going home with a broken heart.

For a sizzling hot tale set in an exotic locale, this one does the trick. The author excels in showing how Candance, a CIA agent, was struck by lightning upon meeting Diyari, the Middle Eastern prince. And he is just as swept away. Readers will feel sorry for her because she is a widow. Readers could sympathize with him because he is dedicated to his family, and threats have been made against them.

Sensual details of all sorts are brought to life, immersing the reader in the feelings of the protagonists with detailed descriptions. Candace and Diyari are both beautiful, and their physical perfection strikes both of them like lightning. When Diyari makes a move for Candace, and she rejects him, despite great attraction to him, he burns for her, has to have her. His thoughts are obsessive, but her thoughts of him are the same. The sizzling language describing the chemistry between them is abundant. The story is filled with absolute metaphors and similes to show the extreme attraction between them. She constantly loses the ability to think and reason in his sexy presence but still has enough sense in her to reject him…at first. Their strong attraction quickly turns to deep love, but there’s a problem.

An impossible situation is before the young couple, and it’s torturous. He’s a prince, promised and duty-bound to marry a princess. He and Candace could have no future together. She is duty-bound to do her job and must do it well because the stakes are high. Being with him could compromise things, but their physical attraction is severe, and this causes heartache. As their feelings develop for each other, the suspense increases. The danger escalates. All this is encompassed by well-written world details. The Middle Eastern mystique is done with finesse, the setting nicely-drawn.

This is a fast-moving piece that will appeal to readers who like passionate feelings in their characters and a strong male lead. Absolutely bursting with metaphors, it paints a brilliant, vivid picture.

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