For the Love of Matty by Johanna Riley

For the Love of Matty by Johanna Riley
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (58 pgs)
Heat level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

Grief over the death of a beloved cousin deepens to shock when Kristen Delmont is given custody of her cousin’s four-week-old son, Matty. When the birth certificate reveals Matty’s father is none other than her sexy next-door neighbor, she is torn. Should she hand over the infant to his father and walk away, or should she honor her cousin’s wishes and raise the baby as her own?

The more he behaves as a playboy, the more Kevin Grady wants a family of his own. The beautiful realtor next door and her “inherited” baby seem like the perfect opportunity. The startling discovery that her baby is his couples disbelief with anger, and he storms off with his son.

Two people, one dream. Will Matty be the glue that keeps them together, or will a heart be shattered forever?

Kristen Delmont is a happily single realty agent who happens to live next door to handsome pediatric doctor Kevin Grady. Their neighborly relationship was going quite nicely until Kristen gets a call to met her deceased cousin’s attorney. When Kristen returns home a guardian of an infant son will this put a halt to the neighborly relationship that was just starting to ignite?  Will little Matthew Parker be the fuel to speed up the sparks between Kristen and Kevin or will he fizzle the small flame ?

This is a well written story that has an amusing plot. I enjoyed the characters. Kevin is a sweetheart. Kristen was nervous and weary about caring for a child, but Kevin was a comfort during this stage of Kristen’s life.

For the Love of Matty is a quick one setting read that I found to be heartwarming and likable. The scene between Kristen and Kevin is set and the vibe is one that I enjoyed reading about. It gave me a happy feeling to see two available single people able to acknowledge their attraction for each other, and not include the physical parts so early on in the relationship. It is nice to read about romance and thoughtful men that like to show women affection. In addition, they both seem to have their life together and should be able to find true love. I like the little twist that the author included in the plot; I didn’t see that coming. It was a joy to see the relationship between Kevin and Kristen grow. I like how both were willing to step up to care for Matty, both willing to include him in their lives.

This is an adorable story that is sure to charm any reader’s heart.


  1. Ginger, thank you for the review. I am glad you enjoyed Kevin and Kristen’s story.

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