Flux Orbit by Emily Veinglory

Flux Orbit by Emily Veinglory
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (180 pgs)
Other: M/M, anal sex
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Cactus

Kell is a high-priced male courtesan sent to spend a month with Jorihn Parr, captain of an old space station orbiting a flux planet. He quickly finds himself facing perils on every side. A business baron who operates outside the law wants to take over the station, and when they won’t surrender he is ready to attack with state of the art battleships. The planet below hosts alien life forms who put Kell in a new body and force him to act as their spy. The lives of hundreds of innocent people, men women and children, hang in the balance.

And in the middle of the maelstrom, for the very first time, Kell finds he is falling in love.

Kell’s only chance may be with a man he never expected to want, let alone need. Kell grew up as a paid prostitute and is very, very good at his job. His latest contract is to be help an uptight captain, Johrin, relax. Except while Johrin may be attracted to Kell, he feels guilty being with a courtesan, especially after hearing about Kell’s background. Kell can’t seem to get through to Jorihn and their relationship quickly ends, only to renew when Kell returns as Rally in a totally different body and looking nothing like he used to. Struggling to understand what and who he is now has consumed Kell but he must balance that with the needs of his new friends/masters, the Coil. Now only Jorihn can help Kell/Rally and the Coil against a much bigger threat.

Flux Orbit is a fascinating science-fiction story that balances tender romance and heavy science fiction without relying too heavily on one or the other. Instead both arms of the story are vitally important to its success. The science fiction aspects are pretty far fetched but in the most interesting ways. There is definitely some suspension of disbelief required to accept and go along with the many twists and turns the story takes but the emotional payoff is so rewarding that it’s worth it. It’s hard to talk about the main plot without giving away spoilers but suffice it to say the science fiction aspects are impressive but never overwhelming. Fans new to the genre won’t feel buried with too much jargon or bizarre concepts, just a few.

The romance itself is really lovely. Jorihn and Kell have an instant connection and a nice, if very brief, initial time together. The relationship that forms after Kell reappears as Rally truly becomes intense. Watching the two men dance around each other with obvious chemistry is very entertaining but also somewhat heartbreaking as Rally reaches out to Jorihn for help. The internal struggle and mental anguish rides the line of being too angst-driven but the author has such a deft hand with the drama that it never slides into overwrought. Instead it makes the depth of the characters and their relationship that much more meaningful.

I was surprised and delighted by Flux Orbit and it’s one story I whole heartedly recommend. It’s rare to find a story that has handles both aspects of the plot (romance and sci-fi) so incredibly well without sacrificing one for the other. The writing is stunning, evocative, and truly engaging. I couldn’t put this down!

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