Flight Risk by Nicole Helm

Flight Risk by Nicole Helm
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (236 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Sunflower

Flying too close to love could get her heart burned.

Antiques in Flight, Book 1

After losing his mother to cancer, Trevor Steele has taken a leave of absence from the FBI to get his little sister through her last months of high school. But once she’s settled in college next fall, he’s leaving Pilot’s Point and heading back to Seattle.

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Once the town bad girl, Callie has had to get her act together to keep Antiques in Flight airport from falling apart. Swallowing her pride to ask for Trevor’s help is the hardest thing she’s ever done—next to trying to forget the sizzling kiss they shared two years ago.

Working side by side leads to a complicated dance of almost-moments, until their repressed urges finally break free. But just as Trevor begins to think staying for good might be the right path, Callie closes herself off, afraid to believe in promises…even Trevor’s.

Friends. They get you through times of need. They make you laugh. Sometimes, they make you cry, or angry. What happens when friends have feelings that cross that “friendly” boundary and neither is sure what to do about it?

Trevor has had enough heartache to last a long time, but the hits keep coming. Now, it’s just Trevor and his high school aged sister, learning how to survive without their parents. They are confused, grieving, lost, and even a little angry. I could feel Trevor’s pain right away. The beginning of this story has a big emotional punch that sucked me in right away. I wanted to know how time would heal their wounds, and how love makes its play.

That waiting time doesn’t take long. Enter Callie. Once the bad girl, she’s now working to save her business, and Trevor re-enters her life at a perfect time. He needs a little distraction, and she could use the help. Could it be the friendship is going to be tested by other feelings neither of them expect? I like Callie. I can connect with her on various levels. She’s got a lot to get through because she’s got feelings for Trevor and his sister isn’t too fond of her. She’s already dealing with enough, so this could get interesting….Oh and it does.

Flight Risk is a sweet story about two friends that have lost so much, but they could gain so much more if they open their hearts to love. Full of emotion, a little heat and some great banter, this made for a great read. The characters were developed well, the pacing quick and I found myself cheering them on as they struggled their way through life, love, and heartache.

If you’re looking for a contemporary romance with a friends to lovers theme, I suggest picking up a copy of Flight Risk.

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