Flame of the Phoenix by N. J. Walters

Flame of the Phoenix by N. J. Walters
Hades’ Carnival Book 6
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (93 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Foxglove

There’s enough heat between them to send them both up in flames.

Hades’ Carnival, Book 6

Tilly Ledet has long been a friend of the immortal, shape-shifting warriors who follow the Lady of the Beasts, a willing helper in their battle against Hades. But now that Hades is free and unable to touch the warriors, Tilly is fair game.

When Phoenix shows up insisting she drop everything to go into hiding, Tilly balks. Phoenix is strong and courageous, but when she imagines being in his arms, the protective barriers guarding her heart slam down.

For the first time in his immortal life, Phoenix feels fear. Not for himself, but for the woman whose beauty and forthright nature heat both his mind and body. While one kiss easily ignites her passion, claiming her as his own will take more than heat.

It may require a sacrifice that could send them both up in flames.

Flame of the Phoenix is Tilly and Phoenix’s story in the Hades’ Carnival series, and as with the rest of the books, the characters are all well defined and likable.

Tilly Ledet is content with her life. She (and the bank) own the coffee shop where she and her friends gather, and she likes how her life is going just fine. When her friend Jessica is cursed with a ‘death mark’ it is obvious that Hades is targeting the only two women that are not safe from his wrath. Although Hades can’t come to the mortal realm, he can send his minions, so when Jessica asks Tilly to leave town to be safe, Tilly listens. When Phoenix tells Tilly he is going to protect her, she isn’t sure how to feel. She is attracted to him, but doesn’t want to just be an obligation or duty. As they spend time together, Tilly discovers that Phoenix has deep feelings for her, and she isn’t sure she is ready for being with an immortal shape shifting warrior. Phoenix knows Tilly is his mate…the one woman he will spend the rest of his long life with, but only if they can find a way to defeat Hades in this latest challenge to her life. Can Phoenix convince Tilly to take a chance on him? Can the two of them help save Jessica and keep themselves safe at the same time? Will Hades ever learn what in most important in life, or will he continue to go on as he is?

There is a sense with this book that N. J. Walters is bringing all of the warriors’ lives together, and sort of ‘tying up loose ends’ in this world. I do like this world, and enjoy seeing the characters as they interact and grow.

Matilda ‘Tilly’ Ledet is strong, smart, and loyal to her friends. After she and Jessica help beat Hades and free the Warriors of the Lady of the Beasts, they become targets for Hades, because they are human, and Hades knows that hurting them will hurt the Warriors, at least indirectly. With her independent spirit, Tilly is ready to help Jessica in whatever way she can. When Jessica asks her to stay away, Tilly goes with the one man who has been able to slide under her defenses; Phoenix, the Warrior who has promised Jessica he will protect Tilly. I like Tilly and her determination to be in control of her own destiny, and enjoyed watching as she discovered that being in control could also include falling in love.

Phoenix has been drawn to Tilly since the moment he saw her. He is strong, immortal and sexy beyond all belief. He is ready and willing to do whatever it takes to keep Tilly safe from Hades, but not sure exactly what to do to ensure her safety. I liked watching Phoenix as he showed Tilly that loving him doesn’t make her weak, it shows how strong she really is. I like Phoenix because he knows how to step back and let his woman do what she needs to do to come to terms with this new life she has been thrust into.

There are some interesting scenes her, with Hades and Persephone in Hades’ realm, and I enjoyed the interaction between them. The confrontation with Hades’ minions is violent and dangerous, and it almost goes wrong in a big way. Ms. Walters brings the solution for Tilly and Phoenix in just when it was most needed. I enjoyed the action and the passion in this book, and look forward to the rest of the journey with the Lady of the Beasts and her Warriors. I recommend this for all those who enjoy fantasy and immortal warriors with their romance.

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