Fire in the Smokies by Becca Jameson

Fire in the Smokies by Becca Jameson
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Full length (192 pages)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Anal Play, Toys, Masturbation
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Tulip

His commands ignite flames in her that rival any forest fire…

Durham Wolves, Book 2

When Jaxon Durham isn’t raising thoroughbreds with his brothers, he’s using his heightened senses to search for missing hikers in the Smokies. This time the call is for a firefighter gone missing on the front lines.

In his wolf form, he’s the first to track the firefighter to a cave, but he’s stopped cold by a stunning realization—it’s his mate. To his relief, the body covered in fireproof gear is female.

Brianna White can’t decide if she’s died and gone to heaven, or unconscious and having a delicious dream, when the wolf standing before her shifts into a naked man. Either way, she can’t resist the urge to go along for the ride. She never expected to fall so instantly, and so hard, for the sexy hunk.

But an old enemy is lurking beyond the walls of their refuge. The clock is ticking while Jaxon races to evade the deadly threat, even deadlier flames, and overcome the stubborn will of a woman who’s not sure she’s ready to give up life as she knew it.

Fire in the Smokies is the second book in the Durham Wolves series from author Becca Jameson. This was a good read, entertaining and fun, and a decent addition to this exciting shifter series.

For newcomers to the series, it is set in the Great Smoky Mountains, where the three hunky Durham brothers, who happen to be wolf shifters, breed thoroughbred horses and help out the local sheriff with an occasional rescue mission. The brothers are well known for their tracking abilities …. those wolf traits do come in handy from time to time. The oldest brother has already found his mate in the first book. As the story opens, Jaxon, the middle brother, will find his mate in Brianna, a female fire fighter.

Jaxon and Brianna were both very likeable and compelling characters. Jaxon was exactly the kind of alpha hero that I love to read about, deliciously sexy, dominant and possessive. I adored him in this story, the way he liked to hold his woman close was just so sweet.

I liked Brianna as the heroine. She was strong and capable, sassy and independent. Best of all, she never pulled any reckless or stupid stunts here. I hate it when the heroine acts silly, messes up or puts everyone in danger. Brianna was portrayed quite well, as someone who fought hard to earn respect in a male dominated field. Jameson did an excellent job with the back story, explaining what drove Brianna to succeed and the reasons why she could never play the damsel in distress ploy. That was great, only made me like her character even more.

The author was more than generous with the love scenes in this book. It is an erotic romance so the sex scenes are explicitly detailed, with some masturbation scenes, some light bondage, anal play and they do bring out the toys in one red hot scene. Not to mention that my man Jax is a dominant who likes to be in charge in the bedroom. Wow….the guy liked to talk dirty too.

This book isn’t just about the steamy sex though. It has a strong plot that kept me entertained from cover to cover. It had a lot of drama and personal conflict as Jaxon and Brianna butted heads about her job and her independence. Compromise inevitably led to danger as the plot took a few twists. There was some suspense as an old enemy is back, bringing danger and causing mayhem for Jax. The suspense was at times riveting, as Jax and Brianna found themselves in more than one tight spot.

Fire in the Smokies is a great paranormal read. It has a well written plot with engaging characters, it definitely had what it took to pull me into their love story. The story easily flowed, keeping the reader entertained with lots of action, drama, suspense and plenty of sexy love scenes. I suggest that intrepid readers who like their romance more on the spicy side are bound to enjoy this one. I enjoyed reading this book, and I’m happy to recommend it to other paranormal readers.

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