Finding Passion by Pamela Tyner

Finding Passion by Pamela Tyner
Publisher: Beachwalk Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (39 pgs)
Other: BDSM (mild), M/F
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

An unexpected weekend adventure leads to renewed passion, but will it be enough to save a troubled marriage?

Nathan Collins is stunned when he’s served with divorce papers…almost as stunned as he’d been three weeks prior when his wife had suddenly asked him to move out of the house. At the time, Susan had proposed a thirty-day separation followed by marriage counseling. Nathan intends to hold her to that agreement.

He moves from stunned to pissed when Susan attempts to use blackmail as a means to obtain his signature on the papers. Damned if he’ll be blackmailed into anything, especially when he’s innocent of the accusations. He’d never cheat on his wife.

When an unexpected storm and a flooded road strand them together for the weekend, neither suspects that it will lead to a discovery of secret desires and fantasy fulfillment. But will their renewed passion be enough to revive their fledgling marriage? Despite Nathan’s vehement denial, Susan has some pretty convincing evidence of his extramarital activities.

Susan and Nathan have been married for three years, but their relationship has deteriorated to the point where a few whispers of doubt and a set-up picture has Susan filing for divorce. It seems their marriage is irrevocably broken, but can a weekend spent flooded-in together at their beach house give them the time to force them to communicate their real desires to each other?

This is a sexy short story that I found equal parts hot and difficult. I struggled to understand how, if Susan really believed Nathan had cheated on her, she could let herself have such smoking hot make-up sex with him. It felt a little to me like the divorce papers were a catalyst for her, to make Nathan and her communicate their unhappiness in their relationship and start again. This felt to me rather like using a sledgehammer when merely opening her mouth and talking about their issues would have worked far better. While I’m positive such miscommunications occur all the time in real life, it wasn’t very sexy and left me with a bit of a sour taste in my mouth – that our hero and heroine couldn’t even speak coherently to each other about their wants and desires and try to fix their own unhappiness.

Once I had checked my brain at the door and just rolled with it, though, the chemistry between Susan and Nathan really was smoking hot and their sex was graphic and fun. There were some critical scenes toward the end that I felt really should have been shown to us – rather than “told” and merely mentioned in passing. These missing scene/s (a big confrontation when Susan learned the truth) also dampened my enthusiasm for the story, but I realize it’s possible the author ran out of space with a word limit. Still, the sex scene was hot and I enjoyed how Susan finally let Nathan fulfill a few of her fantasies and they dabbled in a bit of (very, very mild) bondage. The story ends on a happy, positive note, and hopefully it’s the start of them communicating and really trusting each other into the future.

For readers who want a fun, sexy “getting back together” style story this might be one to try.

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