Fated to a Cougar by Marisa Chenery

Fated to a Cougar by Marisa Chenery
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (66 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Dogwood

Out on the hunt for the fairer sex, cougar shifter Grady doesn’t expect to run across his other prey. As he follows Caleb on a mad dash through Anchorage’s dark streets, Grady ends up on the receiving end of a metal pipe to the head. When a police cruiser arrives on the scene, Caleb takes off, leaving Grady in the dirt.

As a cop, Sage’s job is to protect and serve. But she doesn’t expect to be kissed senseless by the sexy man she’s trying to help. She can’t resist his charm—or his touch on her body—and agrees to see him again.
A relationship started on passion changes quickly when tragedy slams into Sage’s life. But with Grady by her side, Sage finds the one thing she’s been missing.

Marisa Chenery has proven herself time and time again to be one of the reigning members of the fictional “Shifters Romance Writer’s Scribe” with her passionate and intriguing novellas of shifter/human matings. Ms. Chenery continues to impress with her engaging storytelling of shifter/human adventures as she spins a succulent tale that will make even the coldest heart this winter melt into a puddle.

I have often wondered if perhaps I might have a small fuzzy “critter” locked-up inside of me at times the way I love to read shifter/romance books and Marisa Chenery’s books are among my all-time favorites. After reading Fated to a Cougar I would have to say that this novella will definitely be added to that favorite book list of mine.

This is the fourth book in the “Cougar Surrender” series and while it can be read as a stand alone (which in my case was read out of order and I never got lost), it is still best to read this series in order to enjoy every character-plot to it’s fullest.

Cougar-shifter and notorious bachelor “Grady” has been assigned the task of chasing down villain-Caleb who has tried to kill his uncle (mentioned in previous books). The book starts off with a “bang” literally as we find our hero knocked-out with a pipe to the head while chasing down Caleb. Well as we know cougar-shifters heal fast but try to explain that to the sexy human cop Sage who finds Grady on the side of the road injured. Sage insist on getting medical treatment for Grady but Grady knows that is out of the question and since Sage is one lovely lady, Grady does the first thing that pops into his mind, he kisses Sage silly to distract her from calling that ambulance. Since the kiss flew-off the charts on the Richter-scale, Grady knows he has to see the lovely cop again and the stunned Sage agrees to a date.

Sage is used to seeing odd things on her job but finding a hunk like Grady injured on the side of the road tops her unusual pile when she has the kiss of a lifetime. She agrees to see Grady again but panics later after thinking about it. She has worked hard to be a cop and is still studying hard to advance in her field. She does not think she can afford a relationship right now. None-the-less she agrees to a date only to have a horrible family tragedy strike during this date. The relationship jumps full-speed ahead as Sage finds she needs to lean-on Grady to get through the dark-days in her life.

I love the character development in this story. Not only do we have an unlikely “mixed-species” couple finding each other but we in fact find two different and unique heroes in this saga. The eroticism is hot and the story-line is very intriguing. The relationship progressed rather quickly but as with short-stories that has to be the case to get me into the book’s focus.

Though I was a bit surprised at the speed at which our heroine switches from lack of trust to trust, I have to admit that the story was still very sweet, sad and exciting all rolled up into a nice literary package. I felt Sage’s lonesomeness as well as her desire for family strongly in this story and we find Grady’s sweet, caring nature to be a refreshing change for a shifter who usually is more muscle than heart in some shifter-tales. There were a few surprises in this story and I loved the interactions with Grady’s family.

As I stated at the beginning of this review, I read this book out of series but had no trouble what-so-ever latching on to the story-line and characters. In fact reading Fated to a Cougar made me anxious to back-track to the previous stories. I found myself looking forward to reading every book thus far written.

So are you looking for the purr-fect tale to cuddle up with? Well “meow” out loud because Ms. Chenery’s Fated to a Cougar  might just be right up your alley.

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